Monday, May 5, 2014

Brady Hits the Ice

For his birthday, Brady got hockey skates and skating lessons and they started in mid-March.  He'd never been on the ice before and we weren't quite certain what to expect.  He was certainly excited, though.  His lessons are at Arctic Edge in Canton, which is where the American gold medalist ice dancers, Davis and White, train, in addition to the Canadian silver medalist ice dancers.

His first lesson was pretty rocky.  He had an impossible time staying up and midway through the lesson, they brought him to us and said he'd do better in figure skates because they are more flat, so he wouldn't fall down if he put his weight on his heels.

Teaching the kids how to fall down properly and then how to get back up.

Second week of lessons, and Izzie is just as excited to be there as Brady.  All the kids taking lessons get a pass to go to unlimited free skates at no charge during the course of the term.  Andy had taken Brady the day after his first lesson and had taken some video of him actually skating.  I was excited to see how he'd do this time around.

Marching down the ice.  He adored his teacher, Victoria.

Learning to glide rather than march.

Catching a minion to help them keep their balance (notice the "airplane" arms in previous pictures).

He got much better at not falling down, but when he did, he could get up quite quickly.

He will miss the last two lessons of the term due to us being out of town, but by the end of the last lesson he took, he could even start to go backwards!  It was really amazing to see how quickly he progressed.  We usually take a break from all activities in the summer due to our travel schedule, so we will sign him back up in the fall.

She's such a ham!

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