Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Character Dining at the Plaza Inn

We learned after our first trip to Disney as parents, that if you want to eat with characters (or any kind of sit down dining), you have to plan ahead and make a reservation.  In Disneyland, they take reservations 60 days in advance, but in Disney World (which is more of a longer-term vacation spot), they take reservations 6 months in advance.  If you want a popular spot, you better be sitting at your computer the first day the reservations are allowed and that's just what I did.  We planned one in each park and each one was geared towards a separate child.  In the Disneyland park, we set up a breakfast with Minnie and Friends, and in California Adventure, we scheduled lunch with the princesses (separate post).

These dining experiences are great because there is no waiting in line and the characters come to your table while you're eating.  The first one to find us was Dale and Brady couldn't wait to have him be the first to sign his autograph book.  It's blurry because he was so excited to hand it to him.   You can tell even from the side, that Izzie isn't too pleased.

She's keeping a close eye on him. 

Special Mickey waffle for Brady.

Dale took it as a personal mission to get Brady to like him.  No matter which table he was headed to, he kept stopping for Izzie.  She's batting him away in this one. 

Playing coy with Izzie. 


Dale's back! 

They'd already seen Minnie earlier, but were happy to see her again. 

Can you tell how excited Brady is? 


Captain Hook!  Brady was excited to see him since he'd just come from meeting Tinkerbell.  He wanted to meet all the characters from Neverland. 

We told Hook that we had Izzie with us.  They have a show on Disney Junior called Jake and the Neverland Pirates, where there are kid pirates who are always foiling Captain Hook and the girl is named Izzy.   

My kids devour fruit and Izzie couldn't let us have watermelon without her getting some. 

Pooh Bear!  My personal favorite of the suited characters. 

Izzie loved Pooh Bear!  Must be genetic. 

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