Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Kids Take a Dip in the Pacific Ocean

We are a beach family, especially me.  There are three summers in my entire life that I didn't set foot at the beach, whether it be at the Atlantic, Pacific, or the Gulf of Mexico.  Those summers were the summer after I was born, and the summers after my brothers were born.  My parents didn't take babies to the beach, but you know that never stops me!  My kids love being at the beach as much as I do and Andy grew up going to the beach as well, so it's a no brainer that our annual vacation is to the beach.  We even lived at the beach the first summer we were married when Andy did his internship in Ocean City, New Jersey.  We'll know we've made it in this world when we have a beach house of our own, preferably in South Carolina where the water is like being in the bath.

The first time I was in the Pacific Ocean, I was 9 and it was in Southern California.  I remember it being ice cold and getting large ropes of seaweed wrapped around my legs.  Andy had only been in the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii where it's more similar to the Atlantic in Virginia and northern North Carolina.  I likened the temperature to that of Cape Cod, where has been, and he instantly understood.  Most Californians go to the beach but stay out of the water unless in a wet suit and surfing.

We stayed in Carlsbad, in a hotel half a mile from Legoland and also half a mile from the beach, so it was perfectly situated.  After our two days in Legoland, it was time to hit the beach.  It was a cloudy day with a high of 68, which is not what we're used to when it comes to beach weather.  After all the hype to Andy, we got lucky and it was warmer than some days in the Atlantic if there's been a storm the night before.  

You don't need to tell my kids twice to head for the water.  This year's beach trip is going to be so much fun!

All smiles the entire time!

Trying to eat a beach rock.  Fortunately, it was too big to fit in her mouth and we discouraged her from doing it again.

With water like that, we could've stayed all day, if only the air temperature had been 10 degrees warmer.  We only lasted about an hour because Izzie started to shiver out of the water.  They had a great time while it lasted and we can't wait to hit the beach in a month for a whole week!

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