Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Henry Ford Greenfield Village

We've been to the Henry Ford Museum a few times, located in Dearborn, and right next door is Greenfield Village, which is also a part of the Henry Ford complex.  It's quite large at 80 acres and is a historical village.  There are replica houses from famous people, such as Edison, the Wright brothers, and even Pittsburgh native, Heinz.  We'd never been before and were invited to join some friends during spring break.  Looking through the pictures, you'd think spring break was in March rather than late April, but we soldier on anyway despite the continuing depressing weather.

The first thing we saw right inside the gates, was the 19th century steam engine pulling into the station.  Guess what we did first?

Two years ago, Brady was on a train every single day in Europe, but now it's a rare treat and he was beyond excited! 

We rode the train all the way around the village which took 30 minutes (there were two stops to let people on and off at various points in the village). 

Since we were with a group of moms with kids, we did more of the kid-friendly attractions rather than the historical ones.  We will have to go back again to see more!  This is Izzie waiting to ride the 101 year old carousel.  

This was Izzie's first time on a carousel that wasn't the mini one at Chuck E Cheese.  You can tell by her face she wasn't so pleased. 

Once we started moving and the music was playing, she calmed down and began to enjoy herself. 

 You never have to ask Brady twice to ride anything.

Play time. 

A group shot of all the kids.  Seeing double?  Only four of the kids weren't twins. 

Real Model-T rides! 

I had the pleasure of Izzie and Emma accompanying me in a 1923 Model-T.  We had a great day!

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