Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eleven Months Old - Izzie B

This is the last monthly update for Izzie before she turns 1!  I know I say this almost every month, but seriously, where has the time gone?  I look back at early pictures of Izzie and sometimes can't believe she is the same baby.  She has filled out so much and has so much personality.  We love having her in our family and she fits in perfectly.  She has done so much so early that I don't think there are many firsts left for her to reach.  This month didn't have too much going on, but there were a few things that you'll see below.

As soon as she was born with red hair, I knew she'd be my little Ariel.  Ariel was always my favorite princess, and The Little Mermaid was the very first movie I saw in a movie theatre when I was only three years old.  I got Izzie this Ariel bodysuit at the Disney Store and I can't wait to get her picture taken with Ariel in Disneyland in only thee short months!


 One Saturday, the moms had a day out because we had been cooped up for over a week due to illness and snow/freezing temps.  The dads decided to get out too and took all the kids to lunch and Chuck E Cheese.  This was the first time Izzie got to ride the rides!

 Menus are her favorite toy when we go out to eat.

Izzie and Brady both love the baby dolls.  I love this pic of Brady.  He's such a little daddy.  He's got the one handed grip down! 

Brady got a haircut at one of those cool kiddie cut places where you get to sit in a themed chair. 

 One of the new things for Izzie this month was eating her snacks out of the snack cup.  She loves eating baby crunchies out of there and we moved her up to goldfish.  It keeps her from screaming her head off when I take a shower now.

She thought I was going to take the cup away from her once and let out a shriek like you wouldn't believe.

This is what happens when the snacks run out. 

I've been trying to get a pic of her teeth and this was the best I could get.  She now has all four top lining the top, making six total.  They've come down a lot since this pic was taken and it's crazy seeing a baby this young with so many teeth.  Brady barely had the bottom two cut by the time he had his birthday. 

Cheering on Pitt basketball. 

Izzie too. 

Kids are drawn to technology and Izzie is always stealing my phone.  Now she's obsessed with the iPad.  If Brady abandons it, she drops whatever she's doing and runs to it, grabs it, then runs away with it.  We only have one, so I'm sure the fights over it will be epic in about six months or so. 

It's been hard getting back into our normal routine with all the school closings.  This was Izzie one school morning.  I kept trying to wake her up, but she was dead to the world.  Of course, on non-school days, she gets up super early.  Go figure. 

 Both kids love to mooch food from anyone.  Wonder where they got that from?

I love this outfit.  Buks always says Ciao Bella to her, so when I saw this shirt, I had to have it. 

She's a little bookworm.  She loves books and really gets into the ones where you pet the pages. 

Brady loves anything to do with superheros, so he was in love with this new shirt.  It had a detachable cape, which was even cooler.   

Messy girl.

 She mostly eats table foods now, and loves to feed herself.  She can devour the baby raviolis.

 Owl sticker!  Only one month to go!

She has moved into a lot more 12-18 month clothes (mostly in clothing makers that do a 6-12 month size instead of 6-9 months and 9-12 months).  She's nowhere near the bottom weight, but I think her chunky thighs play some part in that. 

She loves Brady's cat, Daisy.

Eleven months of comparisons.  I can't believe the next one will be a whole year!

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