Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Detroit Auto Show 2013

This is the second full January we've spent in the Detroit area and of course, we had to again head to the North American Auto Show.  It's the biggest in the country and is where all the brand new models are revealed for the first time anywhere in the country.  We viewed a lot of 2015 models, most of which weren't even priced yet.  They'll be available to the public sometime around mid-year.  They don't call it the Motor City for nothing!  Over 800,000 people came in the two weeks it was in town.  To put that into perspective, the population of Pittsburgh is 300,000 people.

This year, we went with our neighbors, the Krauses.  We joked in this pic above that Sophia was taking Brady on a date.  She's 18 months older than him, so someday might end up driving him around lol.

With a Mustang engine. 

Two of the girls with the Mustang. 

Brady with the Stang. 

Brady is obsessed with all things Hot Wheels, so this car was right up his alley! 

Izzie was just along for the ride. 

Inside the Chevy Spark.  Our cars in Germany were only slightly bigger than this. 

Brady cozying up to the models over at the Jeep booth. 

Over at Kia they had one of the coaches chairs from The Voice. 

Andy had intended to use the Auto Show to get inside some of the cars he was thinking about getting, but ended up getting his new car a week prior.  He was still very happy with his choice.  I've had my eye on Suburbans for a while and that will definitely be my next car in four or five years.  All four of us adults were drooling over them and we fit four of the five kids inside the trunk for fun.  People saw the four kids running around and the baby in the stroller and asked how many kids we had.  We said only two were ours, but they were saying they had four or five grown children and the Suburban was the best car they've ever had.  I can't wait!

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