Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Portraits - Brady's 4th and Izzie's 1st

You all know by know that I'm a total picture person, so you know I've been waiting patiently all year for these first year portraits.  Izzie's actual birthday is just under two weeks away, but in order to have the portraits in the house by her party, I had to do them a bit early.  Brady's were also done a bit before his actual birthday.  I haven't done birthday portraits for Brady since that first birthday, as after the first year, we do summer and Christmas because they don't change as much every three months.  Since we were going for Izzie anyway and their birthdays are only a few days apart, we decided to do them together for both birthdays.  I bought Izzie's formal outfit last fall when I was still pregnant with her (another of those have to have it outfits).  I have spent the last month getting everything else together and it was a lot more involved than Brady's first birthday portraits.  I laugh when people say the second kid gets much less than the first.  I feel like I know so much more now that Izzie gets more (and not just because she's my girl).

 Formal shots

The sign from behind her in the formal outfit portraits.  A friend of a friend makes these and I was able to print it in the size I wanted, then I mounted it to foam board.

Brady's turn.

Outfit change for Izzie and backdrop change.  I had this shirt custom made for Izzie and I made the tutu myself.

Time for cake!

 She was quick to put her hands in it.

Once she realized it was food, it was all over.

A look back at Brady's smash cake.  He tore his to pieces, but we didn't have anyone after us that day, so he had more time to take it apart.  His couldn't be saved and he needed a bath in the sink of the bathroom.  Izzie's we were able to take it mostly home and she only needed about 15 baby wipes to clean her up.

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