Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Cuties 2014

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and we had so much fun!  Brady has been talking about it ever since the calendar switched from January to February.  Since Halloween, he's been the kid who looks forward to the next holiday or event (wonder where he gets that from).  He went from Halloween to Thanksgiving, then Christmas, Valentine's Day, and his birthday.  He asks about other things like the beach and now knows that it happens once the snow goes away and it gets hot outside.  I love seeing how much he's learning and retaining.  He has a mind like a steel trap (now I KNOW where he gets that from).

I've never blogged about Valentine's Day before, so I thought I'd go back and share our past Valentine's.  We are currently celebrating our seventh Valentine's Day as a couple.  Our first one was above in 2008.  We had gotten engaged only two weeks before (we've never had a Valentine's where we weren't engaged or married) and had dinner at the Grand Concourse at Station Square in Pittsburgh. 

Valentine's 2009 we were three months away from getting married and had an amazing dinner at the Hyeholde in Moon, where we later had our rehearsal dinner.  I can honestly say, I've never had a better meal than at that restaurant, it's really amazing.  In 2010, I was overdue with Brady and we had a quick lunch the day before.  I remember hoping he wouldn't be born the day before or after (and more specifically ON) Valentine's Day.  When I was teaching, the kids get so excited for the party and valentines they hand out, that I knew his birthday would get overlooked.  Turns out I was right.  He had a big week at school this past week.  Tuesday was pink day (his favorite color) and Thursday was their Valentine's party.  His teacher made a mention of his birthday when I dropped him off on Tuesday and I acknowledged that it was during the mid-winter break.  She said they would celebrate it on Thursday.  I immediately stated that I thought they would do it after break.  She said it was up to me and I said I definitely wanted him to celebrate when they got back from break.  He needs his own day, just like my kids have separate parties so they can have their own day.

Ok, I got a little off track.  Here is Brady and Andy on Valentine's 2011.  He was five days from his first birthday and you can tell by the clothing, we are in sunny (and warm) South Carolina.  We had lunch at BBQ place near Andy's work and had steaks for dinner.

In 2012, we didn't do much of anything because we were in Germany.  I bought myself a giant dark chocolate Toblerone and I remember Andy not thinking to buy cards before we left the States (I am the planner of the two of us) and he got me one in German, hoping it said nice things.  Last year, it was just over two weeks before Izzie was born and two days before Brady's party.  I made red velvet cheesecake brownies and we again had steak at home.

Growing up, we always got a card from our grandparents and little gifts and candy from our parents.  This tradition continues today with my kids.  I laid out their treats the night before.  Izzie got the giant stuffed owl from my parents and the owl bank from us.  No chocolates this year.

I try not to do too much since their birthdays are so close. My parents got Brady the heart box of chocolates and the letters Sequence game.  We got him the hollow chocolate puppy, the book, and the Batman shirt. 

I had bought Izzie's Valentine's outfit before Christmas when Babies R Us had the entire store 50% off and was in love with it.  Their stuff was out way before everyone else's, so when other stores got theirs out, I fell in love with the shirt above.  Most times, I will wait and buy it for the next year when it goes on clearance, but I just HAD to have it ;)  Sometimes the waiting game doesn't go in my favor, so if I really love something, I make sure to snatch it up.

That sweet smile melts my heart.

Yesterday morning, both kids were up at 6AM which is early for them.. Maybe they knew they had a surprise waiting.  Brady loved the puppy.

Izzie made off with Brady's candy because she saw she didn't have any.

She kept working on the cellophane and eventually got it off.  We were getting Brady breakfast when I noticed there were chocolates all over the floor.  Sneaky girl!

My parents got the kids the best cards!  My mom knows how Izzie is my little Ariel and I can't get over this card!  Good thing it will be in her memory box forever!

Brady is crazy for superheroes right now, so this card was perfect for him!  It even came with a memory game, which is something he also loves!

Izzie loved the owl right away.  She loves pillows and used it as a cushion first, trying to sit on it. Note, she's still clutching the box of chocolates.


With her owl bank.  She kept treating it like one of her babies, and hoisting it up on her shoulder one handed.

My gifts from Andy.  He knows I love the Toberlones (especially the dark chocolate).  I can't even count the number of giant ones my dad bought for me at the Duty Free shops during all of his international travel for business.  The dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts are because we honeymooned in Hawaii.  We've already broken into those and they are delicious!

All of the cards the kids received.  The top two are from my great Aunt Mary Jean.  She always sends a card for the kids on the holidays, which is really thoughtful considering she has her own grandchildren.  Brady fell in love with the monster truck card she sent.  My parents also gave Andy and I a card and candy because, honestly, we are just big kids.  My parents gave us a Disney gift card which will be so useful during our trip in May!  They may not love Disney, but we sure do!

Brady was so into the holiday that I decided to do some fun stuff with him during the day.  He was excited to help me and keep surprises from Daddy.  He's seen above making brownies.

The "Brady" touch - sprinkles!

The outfit I got for Izzie two months ago.  I still am over the moon for it and since it has some room, she will be wearing it often as long as it still fits.

Yes, the headband has a heart on it ;)

Izzie's shirt talked about daddy, so Brady's had to talk about mommy, of course.

I LOVE HER!!!!  Some days it still doesn't feel real that I have a little girl.

Round two.  This time it was chocolate covered strawberries.  I had been in Kroger the day before to order Izzie's cakes and saw they had them prepackaged.  They wanted $6 for 4 of them!  I said forget that, I'll make them myself since strawberries are starting to reappear in stores.  Brady did it almost all by himself.  I was very impressed.

The red drizzle is courtesy of me ;)

Comparing the kids on their first Valentine's Days (yep, Brady had two outfits as well).  Notice how Brady is close to the ground in both of his and Izzie is standing.  Brady was only walking a few weeks, whereas Izzie has been walking over two months.  Also, you can see in the bottom right, how few teeth Brady had.  Izzie is such an overachiever. 

Last year verses this year.  Man, they've both changed so much!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love Izzie's outfit! I miss having a little dolly to dress up - Ella hardly ever lets me dress her up anymore, and it's hard finding cutsie stuff in her size. I'm glad you are enjoying it!

    1. I love dressing her up and I still get to pick out all of Brady's stuff because he's a boy and not picky. I will be bummed when he gets bigger than a 5T because that's when shirts go from cute to "cool" for the big kids