Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ten Months Old - Izzie B

Ten months - double digits!!!!  Holy cow, I still can't believe how much she's grown and how much she can do.  This month has been another packed full of firsts.  She saw Santa for the first time, celebrated her first Christmas (both in Michigan and in Pittsburgh), visited New York City for the first time, met her great-Oma for the first time, had her first New Year's, and visited many new places like the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh), and the Crayola Experience (Easton, PA). 

The biggest first she had this past month was that she started walking!!!  Can't you believe that?  Less than a week after she turned nine months, we saw her take a few steps.  Less than a week after that, she could walk across the room before falling down or reaching a piece of furniture.  By the time we made it home for Christmas, she was a pro.  We are still in shock because she's bound and determined to beat her brother out in all milestones by two months minimum.  Brady took his first steps at eleven months.  Izzie is now ten months and walks (sometimes runs) everywhere!  In the past month, she went from walking from a piece of furniture to pushing off the ground to stand and start walking.  She now prefers to walk rather than crawl.  If she falls, she stands right back up instead of finishing her route by crawling.  We have to start babyproofing ASAP.  The overturned chairs and car seat aren't going to work for much longer.

Before Christmas, we met up with friends at the mall and since it wasn't very crowded, I decided she could play.  This was the first week she was walking, so I think she'd have more fun now, but she had a blast!

A gift she received from our friends, the Reeses, was a baby doll.  It was the first one she ever had and it was almost instinctual.  She knew just what to do with it and loves it!  She carries her around and picks her up when she cries.

The baby came with a bottle and Izzie decided the bottle was for her instead.

We spent almost two weeks in Pittsburgh for the holidays.  While I was there, Izzie and I met up with a group of ladies who had had babies in March (one was late Feb).  We had all met via the internet because we were all due in March.  I've made friends and met ones from this group who live outside of Detroit and now the ones in Pittsburgh.  It's so great to meet them in person and it's fun to see the babies interacting.

We spent two days down at Andy's parents' house and the morning we did our present exchange, Buks decided to have some fun and fashion his own headband since I always send pictures of Izzie with headbands on.  He's always good for a laugh.

Both kids really cleaned up this Christmas, and I learned from past years and didn't get them as much this year, knowing they have many people who buy for them and won't know (or really care) where they all come from.  Coming home from Pittsburgh our car was packed to the ceiling with their gifts.  Their birthdays are so soon after Christmas that there is a long drought with no gifts, so I usually put some away and then throughout the year, bring them out so they have new things to play with.  Izzie is pictured above with her new baby stroller from her Nana and Dubby.

Actual Christmas morning in front of my mom's tree.

We had to cut our trip home unexpectedly short because of snow that was due to happen in Detroit on New Year's Day.  We drove home on New Year's Eve to beat it, so Izzie wore her outfit that day so other people could see it.

Both kids made it to midnight (Brady's fourth year in a row).  He was pretty tired and wasn't loving the glasses, but loves them now.  He puts them on all the time and yells, "Happy New Year!"  They'll be a great keepsake for him.

We did end up getting the 7-9 inches of snow predicted on New Year's Day.  Fortunately Walmart was open late on New Year's Eve, so we managed to stock up on some food.  Our neighbors invited us over to spend the day watching football, and Brady was more than happy to play with his friends.  They were all cuddled up watching Despicable Me 2 (Brady's current favorite).

Because we were snowed in, we decided to open some of the new presents and reorganize some of the toys.  Uncle Chris Trapuzzano (we have an Uncle Chris Tramposch too, so it can get confusing) got Izzie this great Disney Princess Castle and she fell in love immediately.  It came with Cinderella and Snow White, so I have a feeling the Easter Bunny will be bringing the rest of the gang.  It recognizes the princesses and they talk when placed on a certain spot.

Brady got into it too.  He thought he could put his Little People knight on the spot where the princesses talk, but it wouldn't fit, so I guess the princesses are a special size for it.  He has fun making them keep his Buzz Lightyear outside the doors.

While reorganizing, we decided to bring up some new things for Izzie.  This kitchen was Brady's and she loves it too.

Brady got some new tool gear from Buks and was looking cool.

She won't have another weight check until she reaches 1 year, but if her clothes are any indicator, she's growing.  I've now washed and she can wear almost everything that's 9-12 months size.  Things that look huge on the hanger fit her really well and I hope I get a decent amount of use out of them.  Certain brands run differently, so there's even one store's clothes where the 6-12 month shirts were too snug and I stepped her up to the 12-18 month ones I had on hand.  It surprised me until I thought about it and girls apparel tends to be more fitted and the cut will vary by brand.  She's still in size 3 diapers where I expect she'll stay for a while yet.  I think Brady was 16 months before we stepped up the the 4's.  She cut two new teeth before she turned ten months.  Instead of getting the middle two top teeth to match the ones on the bottom, she got the ones on either side.  She'll look like a jack-o-lantern if the middle ones don't pop out soon.

Trying to get her monthly owl picture is next to impossible now that she's on the move (as seen above).

Andy think she looks so much older than she is in this one.

Always going to Brady.  He loves to catch her.  The other day, we were watching Hook, and after that, Brady kept saying to her, "I'll catch you, Izzie, and I'll never let you go again!"  He's so cute.  Now that she can move and carry things, she takes everything Brady has.  He has learned that he has to wait until she's not looking to steal it back or she will shriek!

Ten months worth of comparisons.  She's come a long way in that time.  I can't believe that first birthday is in two short months!  Time to get serious about party planning, but Brady's comes first so I'm going to be busy.

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