Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Carnegie Science Center

On New Year's Eve, Andy's dad took us all to the Carnegie Science Center.  Both Andy and I had gone several times growing up and I had even been when I was teaching for field trips.  Brady had never been before, but he finally seemed a good age to enjoy most of the exhibits.  Many of the exhibits change over time, but there are several that have stayed the same, year after year.

One of the exhibits that never changes is the model railroad.  It's a whole room setup, showing different seasons, rural and urban areas, and the lights dim and brighten to simulate nighttime and daytime.  The man working the controls even let Brady blow the train whistle.

There was a whole floor devoted to robots.



Playing with planets.  There is also a planetarium and we were in time to catch one of the shows, but Izzie was napping and we figured it would wake her.  At least that's something that we can do next time that will be new to Brady.

The Earthquake Cafe is a classic and kids always love it because it simulates three different earthquakes that really happened, each one having a different point rating on the Richter Scale.

Pap's faces were priceless :)

There was really only one floor where Izzie could get out and move around, so she was happy when we got there and she was freed from the stroller.

Larger than life Operation.

There's a whole section with balls that can go up vacuum chutes and conveyor belts, so Izzie had some fun in there.

The last stop was the secondary building, called Highmark Sports Works.  There are all kinds of interactive activities.  Brady wanted to do the trampoline and we got in line, but realized it would be at least 30 minutes.  We tried to get him to give up and do something else, but he was adamant that he get to do it and waited patiently.  He had a lot of fun jumping.

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