Monday, November 18, 2013

Phipps Conservatory - Dinsoaurs & Trains

We had gone home to Pittsburgh a week ago and while we were there, my Aunt Lanie asked my mom if we'd like to go with them to Phipps Conservatory to see the Dinosaurs & Trains exhibit that was coming to a close.  My mom had wanted to take Brady so we were excited to meet up with my aunt and cousin, Ava.  Brady is so funny.  The exterior of the conservatory is all glass, so the last time we went there, he insisted it was Paris.  We figured out later, he was thinking of the glass pyramid at the Louvre.  Isn't it crazy how he can still remember that?  That was over a year ago and he was only two when we went there!

The best surprise was that they brought my Mimi with them!  She hasn't seen the kids in a while and we didn't expect to see her until Christmas, so we were really glad she came.  My mom is seen above point out specific flowers to Ava. 

A picture of the grandkids and great-grandkids present that day. 

These purple orchids were so striking I couldn't resist getting a close up. 

The room with all the trains and dinosaurs!  Brady was in heaven! 

 Check out the velociraptor playing basketball.

Cousins in the outside garden. 

Family photo op!  Note the two born right there in Oakland were wearing their Pitt gear.  Later that night we beat Notre Dame! 

 Brady and Ava pushed the button to make the volcano "erupt" so I could take a pic.

Look!  The elusive Bradysaurus and his Nana-rex! 

Trying a yoga pose.   

Playing at the toy food market. 

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