Thursday, November 21, 2013

Football Fanatics

We are huge football fans (we're from Pittsburgh, DUH).  This is Izzie's first football season and she's getting into it just like the rest of us.  The only difference is that she's the first one in our family to be born outside of Pittsburgh.  What does this mean?  Is she genetically a Steelers fan?  Or perhaps she's taken with her native Lions?  Only time will tell.  Since living in Detroit the first time three years ago, we've rooted for the Lions as long as they weren't playing the Steelers.  Their winning isn't very detrimental to the Steelers as they're on opposite sides of the league so it's not much of a conflict.  The Lions haven't been very good historically, but are starting to turn things around.  Two years ago they even went to the playoffs.  This year, their playoff hopes look good (and we're pulling for them since the Steelers are having a rare bad year).  As you can see above, both kids have Lions gear.


Izzie can't help but be cute in whichever team's gear, so she's usually all smiles.

This year, it's the coordinating headband, but next year we add the tutu.

Both kids rooting for the Steelers.

This past Sunday, the Steelers played the Lions (something that happens every five years or so).  The kids dressed in their hometown teams' apparel.  I love how Izzie is looking at Brady like, my team has a winning record, so why are you wearing a losing team's shirt?

Izzie is ready for her shot at football, she's always tackling Brady.

Brady still loves his sister, no matter which team she roots for.

Izzie glued to the game wearing her matching Lions headband.

The Lions looked good for most of the game, but the Steelers won in the end.  They're very inconsistent this year and tend to beat the teams they're not supposed to and lose to the even worse teams.  Go figure, since they have no playoff hopes and the Lions are trying hard to stay at the top of their division.

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  1. Cute! I love how they were each in their hometown team shirts. No matter where our kids were born, they WILL be Denver Broncos fans. They have no choice. :-) haha