Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Portraits 2013 (Izzie's Nine Month Portraits)

The weather has turned cooler and Thanksgiving is almost here, so it's time for Christmas portraits!  I know what you're thinking, shouldn't you wait until after Thanksgiving?  I did that when Brady was a baby and the place was crazy!  They also offer better discounts if you get in before Thanksgiving, so that's when we've done it ever since.  I love getting my pictures back in time to slip into Christmas cards, otherwise what's the point?  Both kids have done well in the last two sessions we've had (4th of July and family portraits), so I had big expectations for their holiday portraits.  I was greatly disappointed.  Brady had spent days practicing his "pretty picture" smile and looked so great.  The moment he got in front of the camera, his smile became forced.  We had to wait because they were behind schedule, so Izzie got hungry in the middle and started to scream whenever put down.  It doesn't help that she can get away now, either.  Any time she'd start to crawl away, Brady would move and we'd have to set them both all over again.  It was a very stressful experience all around.

Following what we did with Brady, Izzie had her stocking (made by me) in the formal shots so we have matching pictures for both kids.  It's also nice to get handmade things like this caught on camera.

Brady was either not looking directly at the camera or forcing a smile in all but one or two of the pictures that were taken.

Getting ready to run away.

The together shots were the hardest of all.  Brady solo came in at a close second.  You'd think he'd be easier than the baby.

The best one of Brady.  I don't think I want to share what I said to him to make this smile happen.

My mom likes to get the ones where they put the kids into something special, so I made them make one like this.

These are the ones my mom has collected over the years.

Switching to pajamas and getting this year's Christmas Winnie the Pooh into the act.

There were four like this one and not one had the kids both looking or smiling.  If Izzie was smiling, Brady either wasn't looking or not smiling.  Such a bummer as none of the two in the jammies were worth buying.

Santa hats and again a not great one of the two of them.  Brady looks like he's in pain (I think I was at this point).

Those eyes are starting to look more green than blue :)

The 9 month collage to match the ones we have for 3 and 6 months.

It's always fun to put the kids side-by-side since they're identical ages at any time of year.  So at the top is both kids with their stockings and the bottom is their jammies and Santa hat.  It's the same hat and it was apparent immediately how much smaller Izzie's head is because I had to stuff it on Brady's head, whereas it was falling off of Izzie's.

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