Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finally Getting to Jump in the Leaves

Yes, it's the end of November, but we just had the chance to have the kids jump in the leaves in the backyard.  During October it tended to rain every few days so the leaves were never dry, or it would get dry during the week, but then by the weekend when Andy could get to it get wet again.  It was starting to look like the kids wouldn't get a chance before it snowed.  It was cold last weekend, but dry enough that Andy could finally rake them into a pile.  He started during the kids' naps, but by the time they got up it was almost dark, so we bundled them up quickly and threw them out there.  Brady was of course ecstatic!

Izzie looks like she's not so sure.

She's a connoisseur of leaves, she's tasted them all it seems.

Not loving being on her belly and not being able to crawl out.  It's like quick sand!

Definitely not loving laying in them.

Brady could live in the leaves.

Oh no! Where'd he go?  He could double as Peeta from the Hunger Games with his skills of camouflage :)

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