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Six Months Old - Izzie B

Izzie is now six months and officially half a year old!  I really can't believe it.  She's really grown this past month and has reached many milestones.  She's full of personality and turns heads everywhere we go.  The red hair seems to attract everyone in a twenty foot radius and sometimes further.  We got back from the beach not long before she turned five months and my mom came back to Michigan with us while my dad went on a long business trip.  It was really nice for both the kids and I to have some time with her for a few weeks.

Since I had an extra set of hands, I decided to take the kids to see Monsters Inc.  This was Izzie's first movie experience.  Brady went to see Toy Story 3 when he was four months old, so I was no stranger to the baby in a movie theater experience.  She was really good.  She ate and even took a nap.  She only cried once during a very loud part.

Having some fun with the display.  A few weeks later, after my mom had gone home, Andy and I took the kids to see Planes, so Izzie saw two movies this month.

August started off cool, but soon got very hot, so we spent plenty of time at the pool and even got to take my mom a few times.

Izzie is sitting up more and interacting with her toys.  This ball popper is one of her favorites.

Brady still is very mindful of Izzie's needs.  If she cries, he assumes that she's hungry or tired.  He even helps get diapers for me.

Andy took the kids for a walk one evening and Izzie kept smiling and laughing at Brady riding his bike.

Unfortunately, we suffered another loss this month (making it a total of 8 this year).  This time it was Andy's grandfather, the kids' great-grandfather.  This year has been very rough on us and both Andy and I lost our last remaining grandfathers.  It makes my heart very heavy to think that my kids won't remember them.  My PopPop didn't make it to see Izzie born, but we took some comfort in the fact that we were able to bring Izzie to meet Andy's grandpa, Dick.  Dick was Andy's mom, Betsy's, father, so he was very pleased that we named her for her and that she had the same red hair.  When we went to visit him back in May, he kept telling all the nurses that Brady Charles was named after him (his first name was Charles, though he went by his middle name), and Isabella Betsy was named after his late daughter.  I'm sure he's up there telling Andy's grandma who passed shortly before our wedding all about Brady and Izzie.

That side of Andy's family hardly ever gets together so it brought a lot of family we hardly ever see together.  Neither of Andy's aunts had ever met our kids as they don't even live near Pittsburgh.  Andy is pictured above with his Aunt Holly and the kids.  The kids also met their great-aunt Judy for the first time.

To this day, we still don't know where Izzie's red hair comes from lol ;)

Izzie loves playing on the floor and often passes her toys up for a chance to play with Brady's.  He's very good about knowing which toys she's allowed to play with and will take away the ones that might be dangerous for her to put in her mouth.

I think Izzie will be just as excited to go to Cars Land at Disneyland in May :)  She's become intimately acquainted with the main characters.

Brady has taken a liking to Izzie's toys.  Most of them are his old baby toys, but since he hasn't seen them in a few years, they're brand new to him.  I tell him as long as she's sharing, he has to as well, but we don't have many fights over toys just yet.

Look Mom!  No boppy!  She's now sitting up all on her own.

I have video of her scooting.  She can get all the way across the room to get something she wants.  She started doing that mid-month and it shocked us.  Brady was an early mover and was scooting at 7.5 months, so Izzie has him beat by a whole two months!  She's now working on getting her knees up and I bet she'll be full on crawling by the time seven months come around.

She's starting to transition to two naps during the day that are a bit longer.  One day she woke up so refreshed and happy, I snapped about a dozen pictures of her just smiling away.  She is now sleeping through the night consistently!  That is something I've been waiting for because I need a good night's rest.

We decided to travel home to Pittsburgh for Labor Day weekend, especially since there was a big Pitt game on the holiday.  My brother had moved into a new place up on Mount Washington and needed some help moving, so we spent that Saturday up there at his new apartment.  Andy and I got engage up on Mount Washington and later had some wedding portraits taken up there, so it felt good to be up there and see the gorgeous views of the city.

Andy and my dad took the kids over there while my mom and I got our hair done so they could start helping out.  Izzie is having some carseat shenanigans.  She looks so small in that carseat, but Brady first started riding in it at seven months old.  Hard to believe.

Brady hanging on the hammock on the deck.

Alex and Lauren had lived separately with roommates before, so when getting their own place, they needed to get some new things.  One of them was a 3D TV, which Andy was more than happy to test out.

Izzie had been refusing bottles, but a few weeks ago kept taking our water bottles and placing the closed capped end in her mouth.  I was thinking that she might be willing to take a bottle if she was able to hold it herself.  I was right!  She's seen here taking her first bottle (of breastmilk) since before she was one month old.

Owl pictures!  She was much more cooperative now that she can sit on her own.

At her last doctor appointment (four months), I noticed they double checked her head circumference measurement.  They didn't say anything to me, so when I got home, I checked what it was at two months.  It had only grown 3/4 of an inch and was now in the 5%.  I was a little concerned and wondered why they didn't say anything, especially if they double checked to see if it really was that small.  Lauren, who is now a nurse, said that I shouldn't be worried about small head size unless she wasn't meeting her physical milestones.  She's certainly hitting them on time or early, so I started to relax.  They checked her this month and she only grew 1/2 an inch and was still in the 5%, so they said since it's been consistent the last two months, not to worry about it.

The weather is still hot here, so we are getting as much use out of the 3-6 month summer clothes as we can.  There are several outfits she has grown out of and I was pretty sad when I broke out two separate 6-9 month dresses and she almost couldn't get into them, meaning she won't wear them again.  I've got all the 6-9 month fall clothes washed and ready to go for when the weather changes.  She moved into size 3 diapers this month!  It's crazy how fast she's growing.  She's still got her chunky thighs, so we assumed that she'd easily outweigh Brady who was 16lbs 10oz at six months.  I wanted to low ball my guess so I had a better chance of winning, since we've both overestimated and lost the last three weigh-ins.  I guessed 16lbs 10oz and Andy guessed 16lbs 4oz. 

Her are her official six month stats:

Weight - 15lbs 10oz (40th percentile)
Height - 25.5 inches (40th percentile)

I never would've guessed that she only gained 1lb during the last two months and was officially 1lb lighter than Brady was at six months.  She's so chunky that it doesn't seem possible.  Her height only grew 1/4 of an inch in the last two months, so that, combined with her smaller head measurements leads the doctor to think she'll be petite.  Who knows?  Her car seat is good until 22lbs or 29 inches, so we hope to keep her in it as long as we can to utilize the handle bar that we can hook toys onto for long car rides.  Brady reached 29 inches at nine months, so he was in the big car seat around seven months and car rides became a bit harder to keep him entertained.

Izzie often pulls her bottom lip in like Brady always did, so when I caught a picture of her doing it, I had to put them side-by-side.

All six month pictures put together.

On her actual six month birthday (Labor Day), Pitt was set to play in prime time in their first ACC game against Florida State.  You didn't have to ask me twice if I'd be there.  We headed down early to eat at Rib Fest and it started to rain.  We all headed in and got under cover.  Brady was with my parents on an upper level, while Andy and I had Izzie.  We made sure to document her first Pitt game with the picture above, sporting her jersey and handmade by me headband.

We started strong, but started to fade out in the second quarter.  Izzie decided that would be a good time to take a nap.

Brady was sitting with my parents in their third seat and since no one was sitting in the seats beside them, we joined them after halftime.

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