Monday, September 16, 2013

Izzie Eats Solid Food for the First Time

Izzie has been all breastfed, and that, combined with new pediatric recommendations, made us wait until six months to start feeding her solids.  Brady was half formula fed, so we started him at four months and by six months he was eating just about every baby food under the sun.  Izzie has been interested in our food for a while now and always reaches for our plates.  We wondered how she would respond to the rice cereal mixed with formula (which we know she hates).  A little over a week ago, we decided to give it to her.  We chose a Saturday so Andy could be there to film and take pictures.

We brought out the high chair and strapped her in.  We gave her an extra spoon to play with and she stuck it straight into her mouth.  She took her first bite of rice cereal and made a face, but kept eating more.  Like Brady when he first started eating, there was very little spit back out.

Even though she had her own spoon, she kept grabbing the one with the cereal on it.

As most parents know, feeding a baby is a messy business, so of course her hands were covered and she licked them clean.

Brady wanted in on the action.  He has helped feed her a few spoonfuls here and there and she always opens up for him.

She certainly knows how to play mommy, so since this first feeding, whenever I go to feed her, she loves to blow raspberries in the middle of a bite and fools around, making it very hard to feed her.  Of course, when Andy does it, the whole bowl is gone in two minutes flat.  She's been eating the cereal twice a day for over a week now and starting this coming weekend, she'll start having a vegetable in the middle of the day in addition to the two servings of cereal.  We hit up Sam's Club over the weekend and since we don't go often, I got a big package of puffs for her.  We were eating dinner and I decided to see if she could handle them (knowing they dissolve fast if she couldn't).  She did well with the first few, but then started choking them down as Brady did when he first started eating them.  We'll keep working on it and soon enough she'll be able to put down a whole container in a day or so like most kids.

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