Sunday, September 8, 2013

Six Month Portraits - Izzie B

Izzie turned 6 months on Monday, so it was time for her 6 month portraits!  I had bought Brady's outfit for the family portraits on sale over a year ago, so before I was pregnant.  The girl equivalent was still on sale when I got pregnant, but I wasn't certain I'd have a girl.  It was a dress in the same green gingham as his, but with brown and pink gingham as well.  Even on sale it was more than I was willing to throw away, but the matching baby boy vest was a few bucks so I bought that in case we had a second boy.  Guess I chose wrong.  I kept an eye out for any pink and green dresses and found one online a few months before she was born.  Being the planner I am about portraits, I have Izzie's (and some of Brady's) outfits for portraits purchased and planned until fall of next year.

I was very excited about these portraits because Izzie could sit up and smiles like crazy now (something she simply refused to do in her 3 month portraits).  I had big hopes for some great shots and she certainly didn't disappoint us.

This is Andy's favorite.

This one is my favorite and will be placed in one of the gallery 8x10 frames in our family room to accompany the many pictures of Brady.

Outfit change!  My mom bought this for Izzie right after she was born with red hair, thinking it would work with Brady's green gingham.  It wasn't quite the right shade and I'd already bought the pink dress, so I thought it would be a great fun second outfit at 6 months.  It came with a pair of capri pants, but she's already outgrown them.  I was worried about this outfit because the last time she wore it, she kept eating the butterfly on her shoulder.  I had another outfit with me just in case she started to do that, but she cooperated and never even noticed it.

I had brought a fuzzy pink giraffe with us that my aunt and cousin had bought her when she was born, but she's 0/2 with the stuffed animal prop in portraits.  Last time she was fussy and we didn't get a good shot and this time she was so happy and wanted to play, so she kept flinging it behind her.

We were at my parents' house last weekend and my mom had all of the portraits from this year in a collage in her kitchen.  I kept looking at them and being shocked at how much she's changed.  I see her every day so I don't realize it as quickly as everyone else who doesn't see her as often.  I already can't remember her looking like a newborn :(

We still haven't pegged down who Izzie looks like yet.  We knew early on that Brady looked a lot like I did as a child (except for the mouth, that's all Andy), but besides the red hair, we can't figure out who Izzie's face most resembles.  Sometimes looking at old pictures or videos we see Izzie's face in Brady's as a baby, but it;s not all the time.  I put their 6 month portraits side by side to see if we can see some similarities.

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