Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Block Party 2013

Every year the sub-division we live in has a block party.  It occurs each September and we went to our first one last year.  It's a great opportunity for newcomers to meet the neighbors and for long-standing homeowners to catch up with each other.  Last year it was very cold and there wasn't a good turnout.  This year there were showers on and off, but there was a really good turnout and we were surprised at how many kids live in the neighborhood.


One of the activities set up for the kids was a face painter.  Brady got a dog on his arm.

 He went back later and got a cat on his face.  Not really surprising as he pretends to be a kitty most days.

 Izzie and Andy hanging out in front of the big-screen TV rented for the event so everyone could still watch their Saturday football.

A lot of the kids brought their ride-on toys and Brady of course loved that.  Sophia was pulling around all the little kids in the three-seat wagon.

A fun twist on musical chairs.  It's so nice we live close to the party, you can see our house right behind the stop sign.

Pie eating contest (just whipped cream on a plate).  

Brady took a few licks, but when he realized it was messy, he decided to stop.

The first responders are right across from our sub-division, so Brady sees them every day.  He LOVES them.  We knew that it had been arranged for both the firetruck and the ambulance to come to the block party for the kids, but didn't tell Brady.  It was a great surprise for him!

All the kids got firefighter badges.

Next up, the ambulance!  Brady informed the EMT that it was for sick or hurt people.  He even asked for a shot!

I got a kick out of the fact that the tire on the firetruck was just about as tall as Brady (who is roughly 40 inches tall). 

Checking out his reflection.

When it got towards evening, everyone sent someone home to get their dish for the potluck dinner.  At the end, people vote on the dish they liked the best for prizes.  We got second prize for Andy's pepperoni rolls.  We lost by one vote and guess who's vote it was?  Mine!  I thought it was unfair to vote for ourselves, and Andy thought that was silly.  He asked, "If you were running for president, wouldn't you vote for yourself?"  I would, so I guess I should've voted for our food.  We won $10 Target gift card for second place ($20 went to first place).  There was a big bin of dum dum lollipops for the kids to guess how many there were inside to win it.  Brady can't count past 20, so I guessed for him.  I guessed 110.  Wasn't I surprised when he came running up with the big bin with the biggest smile on his face.  I hit it right on the nose.  We had a great time and can't wait for the fun next year when Izzie can really participate as well!

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