Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Fun & Buks Visits

It's been kinda quiet around here, with trying to get everything put away.  We're not all the way there yet, but it's getting closer and now that it's mid-October, our activities are starting to pick up a bit more.  Behind our house is a very wooded nature preserve, so we have tons of leaves falling daily.  It great disturbed Brady in the beginning.  I'm not going to lie, it disturbs me too.  Although it's nice for Brady to experience the changing of the seasons, I miss South Carolina where the leaves didn't fall until almost Christmas and were back on the trees by the beginning of March.

Andy had been wanting to rake the leaves for over a week, but we kept getting rain.  I also wanted him to wait during dry patches because if it rained once they were made into a pile, it would be harder to dry and might get kinda gross before Brady had the chance to jump into them.  Andy's Uncle Buks came to visit last weekend and both days called for rain.  He decided he didn't care anymore, went out and got a rake, and raked up the wet leaves into a pile.  I was very against Brady jumping into a wet pile of leaves, but I got outvoted.  The poor kid was soaked when he came back in.

 When we first took him out, he was slightly apprehensive because he'd never had a chance to jump into a pile of leaves before and didn't know what we wanted him to do.

 A little further . . .

 I think in order to get him into the middle, Buks picked him up and threw him in.  He also jumped into the leaves with Brady.

By this point, it had started to rain.  I took the cameras in the house, but the boys decided to stay out and play.  Andy captured a few more shots with his phone.

 A nice shot of Brady in the leaves with the back of the house in the background.

 The last time Brady was in leaves was October 2010, when he was a little over 7 months old.  We were living in Michigan in an apartment complex.  One day, we came home from Gymboree and I noticed a bunch of brilliantly colored leaves under a tree on the side of the building.  I took a few quick pics of him.

We did more than just play in the leaves while Buks visited.  Brady coaxed him into the basement to show him is bike.  We intend for it to be a playroom, but at the moment are in the process of clearing radon from the area and I'm not comfortable letting him spend long periods of time down there until we have a clear reading.  We figured this would be a good time to put together Brady's Cars track that he got for his birthday.  I had bought the main track and a few accessories, but we soon realized when putting it together in Germany we needed an expansion pack to add the accessories.  I bought the expansion pack when we got home, so we figured we had everything we needed.  Wrong.  We needed two more expansion packs to make it work.  I ordered them Friday night, but we put the original track together so that Buks and Brady could play.

 The extra expansion packs came on Monday morning and Brady couldn't stop talking about his track all day.  As soon as Andy came into the house, Brady was all over him to put together his track.  Above he's pictured with the finally completed track having a great time.

 Saturday morning, Buks ran out and grabbed some Timbits from Tim Horton's.  They don't have any in Pittsburgh and he loves getting them when he's in Canada.  We're not too far from Canada, so we have plenty here.  He loved that he could introduce them to Brady.  I was still in bed, but according to Andy, Brady is waving his finger saying mommy can't have any lol.

Brady had been talking about Buks coming the whole week leading up to his arrival.  He calls him Big Frankie, but mostly Frankie.  Every night when I put him to bed, he'd ask if Frankie was coming in the morning.  I'd tell him how many more days.  On Friday, it was the big day and I told him that Frankie would be there after nap.  Of course, he decided to take a short nap that day and Frankie didn't come until an hour later.  When he got there, Brady was jumping up and down and couldn't get enough of him.  They were pretty much inseparable.  We don't have any illusions that Buks comes to visit to see us.  It's all about Brady and getting as much face time with Brady as possible.  Above you can see Brady eating with Buks.  They really had a blast together.  He left early Monday morning, but we made sure to tell Brady before he went to bed that Frankie would be gone in the morning.  He understands when we tell him on certain nights that Daddy will be at work in the morning, so he wasn't upset when he woke up and Buks was gone.  He immediately switched gears and started asking about Nana and Dubby who are coming this weekend.

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