Thursday, October 25, 2012

20 Week Ultrasound - Izzie B

Yesterday was our 20 week ultrasound for baby #2.  We were so excited to find out whether we were getting another boy or our first girl.  We would of course be happy either way and just wanted to be able to refer to the baby by name.  Andy took the day off work so he could come and Brady was there as well.  Brady is so cute because he's so empathetic.  He remembered from last month that we would get called behind the door and couldn't wait.  When we were taken to the ultrasound room and he saw the reclined table, he started to say, "Uh oh! Owie!"  I reassured him that it wasn't going to hurt and we would get to see the baby on the TV.  The whole time he remained concerned and wanted to hold my hand through a good portion of it to make sure I was ok.  He knew I would get a shot later (flu shot) and when I did, he sat on my lap and watched.  I told him that I wouldn't cry and it wouldn't hurt, but when the nurse gave me the shot, both of his little fists clenched tight.  He's such a sweet boy!


We've had two different rounds of genetic testing done and both came back with the best results you can receive.  The ultrasound confirmed that the baby is growing perfectly and everything looks great!  The baby is very active like its brother and there are many times at night I have to switch positions because it's simply too much at one time.  Andy has been able to feel it from the outside and we weren't able to do that with Brady until much later.  The baby weighs approximately 15 ounces and is at the perfect size for almost 21 weeks.  The tech asked us as soon as we entered the room if we were interested in finding out the gender.  We knew going in that we couldn't handle the suspense of waiting until the baby was born, so we eagerly said yes.  She said she usually waits until the end to reveal the gender, but our baby is very cooperative and showed off its parts so clearly that the tech told us within the first few minutes.  We and a handful of close family know what the baby is and I will be doing a special Halloween gender reveal on Saturday so stay tuned!

A precious tiny foot!

The tech thought this was a really cool shot.  The baby had one leg fully extended.  You can see the bright white lines of both leg bones.

The really cool thing about my new doctors is that they have the capability to do 3D ultrasounds.  We weren't able to get a really clear shot because the baby kept putting its hand near its face, so this is the best one we have.  They don't have much fat on them at this point, so you can only make out a very skinny, skeleton-like face.  We paid to have one done at 29 weeks with Brady and will do so again with this baby.  Andy claims that he could perfectly picture what Brady would look like from that ultrasound, but I still couldn't.  It will be cool to compare the two and see if they'll look alike!


  1. Fun pictures! Glad to hear all is well and healthy and moving along. Definitely looking forward to Saturday!

  2. Sounds like a boy to me! Can't wait to hear for sure though!