Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Halloween Gender Reveal

If you didn't read the pumpkin next to Brady, he's getting a little sister!!!!  We are beyond excited to have one of each gender and to get to do things all over again, this time with a little girl.  Can you tell from the picture that Brady is excited?  The day before I took the pregnancy test in June, I asked him if he wanted a brother or a sissy.  He immediately said sissy and the next morning the test was positive.  People say kids are really intuitive about these things and he continued to insist it was a sissy and would get very upset if we even suggested it could be a brother.

Andy and I never had a strong feeling one way or the other what this baby would be.  They say different gender pregnancies are different, but they haven't been significantly different enough for me to think it would be a girl vs. a boy. They also say a mother's intuition is pretty spot on.  Not the case with Brady as I was convinced he was a girl.  If you go by the old wives tale of heart rate being an indicator for gender it was right for both kids, but of course we didn't take that for more than the old wives tale it was.  Also, there is a Chinese gender calendar that takes into account the mother's age and month of conception.  That was also right for both kids, but is wrong for so many other people.

A lot of people assumed boy after my last post because I said the baby was quick to show off their parts.  Girls have parts too!  Above is the shot that shows the three white lines (between her little bum cheeks) that indicate she's all girl.  We had a very clear shot earlier in the ultrasound where you could see the legs and the lines in between.  I knew what I was looking for because I had a boy first.  When I saw the baby with legs wide open and those three white lines instead of anything poking out, I knew it was a girl before the tech said it.  Andy, on the other hand, had no idea what to look for on a girl and had a hard time believing the tech.  She went back and took this picture, pointing out each of the three lines and telling Andy what each one represented.

A girl born with the Trapuzzano name (in our clan at least) is not something that happens very often.  The last time was 26 years ago, and the time before that was 58 years ago, so you can see it's really rare.  Andy and his brothers joke that it's physically impossible for them to have girls as there are three of them, their dad and their Uncle, then their Grandpa Trapuzzano was one of three boys (and they had one sister).  We are glad to prove that theory wrong.  Not sure they're going to know what to do with a girl.  Interestingly enough, both mine and Andy's moms were one of three girls and we only have girl first cousins.

A lot of people have trouble naming their children, but not us!  Believe it or not, we decided on our first boy and girl name within a month of dating, so they've been set since the summer of 2007.  Obviously, our first boy name was Brady Charles.  This little girl's name will be Isabella Betsy or Izzie B for short.  Isabella is a beautiful Italian name (we are both Italian) and Betsy was Andy's mom name.  She passed away when he was kid, so we wanted to honor her.  Of course, in 2008 the Twilight movies came out and the name Isabella skyrocketed to the number one most popular girl name and there are Bella's everywhere (including one of Brady's cousins).  We are hoping that calling her Izzie will set her apart.  As of this year, it's fallen to the number five spot and we can only hope it falls more in 2013.

Having a little girl opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us and of course, for me when it comes to shopping.  I've always dreamed of crossing the aisle in the kids store and shopping for a little girl.  And now that's a reality!  Yesterday, i just couldn't help myself and bought the outfit above.  I can't wait to see her in it.  Since we have mostly boy clothes (with a few neutral items left over from Brady), we will definitely be needing girl clothes, so anyone shopping for us for Christmas will have no problem figuring out what to get us ;)

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you. It's fun having one of each and you are going to LOVE shopping for girl clothes. I still have a hard time not looking at baby girl clothes when I'm in a store. I love the outfit you purchased - so cute! And I definitely love Izzie B as the nickname. We are so happy for you!