Friday, September 14, 2012

Lederhosen Portraits

My German and Austrian heritage is very strong, so knowing we were headed to live in Germany, I knew I wouldn't be leaving without a pair of lederhosen for Brady.  My grandparents were Austrian immigrants, and although my Oma is going strong at 92, I know that it's going to fall on my shoulders to keep the culture alive and strong for my kids (it doesn't hurt that Brady is sucker for schnitzel and strudel like his mom, must be genetic).  I found the perfect pair of lederhosen in Munich this past April and haven't seen any that are this nice in any of the stores in other cities.  I wanted to get him a pair for when he's older, but the ones in Stuttgart just weren't up to my standards.  When Andy has to make a trip to Germany someday for work, I intend to travel with him, and take the short train ride to Munich and stock up!

Most of you know I'm big on pictures and getting Brady's portraits done.  He hasn't had any portraits taken since Christmas and now that he's getting older, we will only be doing Christmas and summer (family portraits not included).  I was thrilled to take him in his lederhosen.  He's been a rock star when it comes to portraits, so I was totally taken aback when he wouldn't cooperate at all!  I thought the portraits were terrible and only ordered a handful, scheduling a second sitting, hoping we'd get better shots.  Well, the second sitting went no better, and looking back on it now, the portraits from the first sitting turned out better and I didn't eve realize it in the moment.  The top portraits was from the original sitting and is probably the best of the bunch.  I had to order an 8x10 in hindsight because it turned out better than all the others.

We couldn't leave Germany without a beer stein.  My dad has one from when he traveled to Oktoberfest in Munich (the largest in Germany) when I was about Brady's age.  We also had authentic nutcrackers and Hummels, but they were outrageously expensive in Germany (and that was before the exchange rate kills you).  The nutcrackers are on the list for when we go back, but I can get the same Hummels here in the States for half the price.

 A decent full body shot.

I didn't initially order this one and I have no idea why because he's genuinely smiling and holding the stein showing the front.  Don't worry, I went online and ordered some.

 For those of you who normally receive our Halloween cards, these wallets will be coming your way in early October.  I have wallets of all five shots shown above, so if you have a favorite, let me know!

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