Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Portraits 2012

It's that time of year!  During the summer is when we go for our annual family portrait.  If you haven't noticed by now, I'm that mom who likes to match everyone up for pictures (if you can't tell from the family pics on the left side of posts).  I just love how it looks.  I don't go into a year planning out what we'll wear and usually something jumps out at me in a store or online.  It's always an outfit for Brady and then I spend some time figuring out or buying what Andy and I will wear.  I noticed the outfit Brady is wearing in this year's portraits, while doing some last minute shopping at Target before we left the country in January.  It was too perfect to pass up!  The colors were great and I knew they'd also look good on Andy and myself.

A week after we got home from Germany we found out we were expecting baby #2, so we decided to do our portraits in July instead of June so that the clothes I'd bought for myself would still fit.  I don't mind being pregnant in a family portrait (which I'm sure will happen at some point), but I knew I wouldn't have a belly until fall and I was happy with the outfits I'd purchased.

We'd already been through the ordeal with Brady at the first lederhosen session, so we weren't exactly surprised when he decided he wouldn't cooperate for us.  We are hoping he'll be better by the time it comes for Christmas portraits.  We did manage to get two very good portraits, so we left happy. 

This is probably my favorite of the two.  We're leaning because Andy was working hard to keep Brady still.  We have the mentality that if we keep smiling and looking at the camera, the photographer will get Brady in a good shot and we won't ruin it.  This one definitely shows off his crazy personality.  Below are a few where you can see us trying very hard to wrangle Brady in.

Believe it or not, I already have found an outfit for Brady for next year's family portrait.  I got a great deal on an after-Easter sale and took full advantage. We weren't pregnant at that point, so I had no idea if we'd have another baby by next summer.  The week we found out we were pregnant, I got the same outfit for another boy and for a girl it'll be easy to find something in similar colors during Easter this year.  We'll probably wait until September like we did when Brady was a baby so that the new baby can sit up on their own in the portraits.  It's a year away, but I'm already so excited for it!

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