Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brady Goes Fishing - Virginia Beach

One day at the beach, it was kinda overcast with a high chance of rain, so it wasn't a good beach day.  Andy and I decided to catch a movie (The Dark Knight Rises, even though we really wanted to see it in Pittsburgh since a good bit of it was filmed there).  Alex and Lauren were nice enough to offer to keep an eye on Brady for us, since going to the movies is one of the things we did most before we had kids.

We put Brady down for his nap before we left, and knew that he'd be asleep for at least three hours.  When he woke up, we were still gone, so Alex and Lauren decided to take Brady fishing on the dock behind the house.  Brady's kind of wild and they took Kiro too, so that only winds him up even more.  Brady didn't end up in the water, but Kiro did, thus leading to his abundance of ticks the next day.  They said he did really well and now every time he sees Alex, he gets excited, saying, "Kiro fishy!"  Some of the pictures Lauren took are just priceless and I'm so glad she thought to take some for me.

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  1. From his facial expression you'd think he didn't like it but he really did.