Friday, September 7, 2012

Brady's 2 1/2 Birthday - Beach Style

Most people don't celebrate a half birthday, but since we were away from family on Brady's 2nd birthday, we decided we'd celebrate at the beach with everyone there (minus Dubby).  His half birthday was August 19 and we were at the beach the first full week of August, so it's been a while since we had our celebration, but we've been so busy with the new house and moving in (in fact the movers are here right now, giving me a chance to write a blog in somewhat peace, while Brady's being watched at a friend's house).

The plan was to get a cake (as you can see above) and sing (which didn't really happen).  I had my heart set on a Cars cake since we didn't have the opportunity to get an American birthday cake in Germany to go along with his Cars theme this year.  The cake booklet at Walmart was so huge that I must've missed it, but I did come up with the perfect cake.  Brady has loved trains ever since Germany, and has been watching Chuggington (a train show on Disney Junior) since he was a baby.  He's gotten way more into it now that he's been on so many trains, and about a week or two before vacation, he started singing the Chuggington theme song.  We all thought it was really cute, so when my eyes landed on the Chuggington cake, I knew it would make him so happy.  It even had a real Wilson (the red train) that he could play with later.

Look at that smile!  He was so happy and said "Chuggington" right away.

Time to taste some icing.

He wanted to play with Wilson and did a number on the icing when he tried to push him through the tunnel.

I love this picture because he has an icing goatee.

Finally getting to play with the toys the right way.

We were so glad that Brady got to celebrate somewhat of a birthday with family.  I've been saying since we first moved away when he was a baby that his third birthday was going to be a blowout.  That's still the plan, but now to come up with a theme!

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