Monday, March 12, 2012

An Evening Walking Tour - Zurich

Brady and I took the 7:56AM train on Thursday from Stuttgart to Zurich.  We did not have to change trains between our starting point and our destination, but the train made several stops along the way, so it took us just under three hours to reach Zurich from Stuttgart.  I had Brady, his car seat in it's travel bag, a small carry-on, my backpack, and no stroller for Brady since Nadia had one for us to borrow.  Andy was a little worried how I would handle all of that since he had to help us get everything to the train.  He was probably the most worried about Brady not being confined to a stroller with trains around.  I knew that it would be impossible for me to lug two bags behind me while pushing a stroller in front of me (I only have two hands).  I was able to loop on bag through the other to pull with one hand, while I held Brady's hand with my free hand.  Nadia had planned to meet us at the end of the platform, but fortunately, she was walking towards us before we got halfway.  She was able to hold Brady's hand while she pushed Leila's stroller, so I could have a bag in each hand.  We took a tram to her apartment and let the kids take a nap.

That evening, when Nadia's boyfriend, Andrew, arrived home, we decided to go walking in the city.  It was still light out when we left her apartment, but it soon got dark and cold (not that we minded too much). 

 Brady catching a ride on Andrew's shoulders

 The convent

 The architecture was absolutely beautiful.  Much more what you expect in Europe.  We don't see much of the old European architecture in Germany due to the intensive bombing during WWII.

 Andrew and I outside of Hermes

 The colorful buildings remind me so much of the houses in Charleston.

Behind Brady and I is the largest clock face in the world.

 A shot down Bahnhof-Strasse, the most expensive street in the world!!!  What makes it the most expensive is the revenue per square meter in the shops.  Think of every luxury retailer in the States and add every international luxury retailer and that sums it up.  At night they put down bomb windows for protection.

 A fun fact about Zurich is that you can drink out of all the fountains.

 Resting after a steep walk to see the city from a height.  Definitely worth it!

A very bundled up Brady.  He hates wearing his mittens and wasn't wearing them this particular evening.  His poor little hands got cold and when we tried to warm them up, he screamed like crazy because they were so cold they hurt.  Poor little guy.


  1. Wow! Such gorgeous architecture. I love the blue building with all the little windows. Too cute!

  2. If you like the old architecture you should take some time to visit Esslingen (17mins from the Stuttgart main station). It wasn't bombed so there are a lot of building which are more than 500 years old. Some even from the 1100s. It's a very pretty town.