Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brady's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

I have recently become a part of the International Women's Club of Stuttgart.  They have women who are members from all over the world, but the language of the club is English.  There are women who are married to Germans, women affiliated with the military, some women that are Germans themselves, and women like me who follow their husbands on an international work assignment.  There are all types of events, some for the women only, some where the kids are welcome to tag along, and then there is a special section called the mother's corner, where the events are for the kids.  Yesterday was their Easter egg hunt party, and the whole family was welcome to come along.

Andy usually takes the car to work and I am the one who uses the trains, so it's rare that Andy gets on a train, and I am so used to it that I plan out my route and go.  He's basically just along for the ride.  We took two different trains to get to the area where the party was being held at someone's home.  We got there and Brady wasted no time starting to play with the little boy who lived there's toys (he's never shy when it comes to toys).  Other families started coming in and all the adults started chatting while the kids played for a while.  Everyone brought a dish to share so there was a nice spread, so we could snack and chat.

There was an egg coloring station, but those who know me, know how I am about eggs, so we decided to steer clear of it.  It was pretty messy and we were just fortunate that Brady didn't try to drink one of the cups of dye (which my mom accidentally did when we were kids and did them in coffee cups).

 We took the party outside, where some of the kids were already playing.  The mom who organized the party set out all the eggs and then we set the kids loose.  As you can see above, they didn't waste any time.

With our limited air freight (and the change of breakage), we decided against bringing Brady's Easter basket to Germany.  That meant, all the had was a Ziploc bag in which to collect his eggs.  Next year, it'll be better ;)

After all of the eggs were collected, there was a pinata.  It was a really cool pinata in the respect that you didn't hit it, but there were strings attached and the kids could pull them one by one.  Only one of the strings would actually open the pinata and release the candy.  Of course, things don't always go according to plan, and once all the strings were pulled, the pinata hadn't opened. 

Once the candy was released and "rained from the sky," it didn't take the kids long to pounce.  Brady was one of the younger kids there, but he managed to walk away with a fair share of candy (mainly small packs of gummy bears, which are really popular here).

After all the excitement, the kids were free to play again.  Brady took a liking to the sand box, but not having played in one before, had more fun dumping sand out of it.

 Love this kid!

After the party, we got back on a train and headed downtown (which was on our way home anyway).  Andy doesn't go downtown much, so I took him around for a while and then took him to a little pizza window, where we got a few slices.  Since the weather has started warming up and spring officially started, all the eis cafes (ice cream shops) are open.  We decided to take Andy to one (at this point we are methodically testing them out one by one and haven't been to the same one twice).  He enjoyed both the pizza and the ice cream, so our day of family fun ended on a positive note.

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