Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Einsiendeln Abbey and a Ferry Ride - Swiss Countryside

Friday morning, Nadia had planned for us to scope out Einsiendeln Abbey in the Swiss countryside.  It was about 30 minutes outside of Zurich and you know you're getting to a higher altitude when there's no snow in the city, but the further along you go, the more snow there is.  When we first got there, we decided to have lunch and then proceeded to the abbey that was once a monastery and later a boarding school.

 The town where we had lunch.  It was directly across the street from the abbey.


A beautiful fountain, and yes you could drink out of this one too!

Brady and I in front of the abbey.

This was my first time visiting such a sight in Europe, so I had no idea that you weren't allowed to take pictures inside.  Below are some of the pictures I took before I realized that it wasn't allowed.

Once we were done at the abbey, we headed back towards Zurich.  Nadia and Andrew both teach at an international school just outside of Zurich, and that afternoon there was a baby shower for one of their fellow teachers, so we were headed there for the celebration.  We were on the opposite side of the lake from the school, so we decided to take a ferry across the lake instead of driving back into Zurich and then around the other side of the lake.

Waiting for the ferry

 We were the first car on, so we had a stunning panoramic view across the lake.

It wasn't Brady's first ferry ride, but it was the first one he'd been on that you could drive your car onto.

After the baby shower, we headed to the local grocery store to pick up some things for dinner that night and items to take with us into the mountains the next day.  When I had asked Nadia earlier, where a good place to get some really good Swiss chocolate, she laughed and said any grocery store chocolate aisle.  While we were at the grocery store, she showed me some items that might be useful to me back in Germany and showed me anything that I was having a hard time locating.

Brady and I in the chocolate aisle.  It's no joke in Switzerland.

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