Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decorating Cookies

We've been making Christmas cookies all week, but last night it was time to make the gingerbread and sugar cookies. We usually set these aside because we make royal icing and it takes a long time to decorate them all. Since royal icing contains raw egg whites, my mom suggested that we have Brady decorate his own cookies with something else. I bought a tube of green icing and let him have some fun with the sprinkles. The icing tube was a little hard for him to squeeze, so we had to help out a little. The sprinkles were funny because at first when I handed the container to him and told him to shake it, he shook it straight up and down and got a shower of sprinkles. He got the hang of it and managed to decorate quite a few cookies that are just for him.

All of Brady's decorated cookies.

Earlier in the week we made our gingerbread house. Every year since Andy and I have been together, we've made a gingerbread structure at Christmas. It varies from year to year and we've made some better than others. I think the worst was a gingerbread train that broke apart and fell down. Andy was so displeased that he threw it out immediately. A week later, a little boy we babysat in New Jersey had pictures on Facebook of him and his cousins putting together the same train kit and it looked amazing. He was only 3 and had no parental help. Made us feel really good about ourselves.

This is as close as Brady made it to the cookie action last year. He was in his high chair in the kitchen while we baked. He has flour on his nose, so we named this picture "Baker Brady."

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