Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cards from Past & Present

Around this time of year, everyone is sending out Christmas cards and we are no exception. We take photos throughout the year (usually on trips) and use some of those in a multi-image card. We end up sending out about 100 (the number grows each year), due a large extended family and friends on top of that. This is something that I was a part of growing up for my parents' card, so I continue it today. Above is a picture of all of us together at Thanksgiving. Since all of us kids are grown up and live in different states, we only all get together once or twice a year. Usually only two of us get together in any varying combination. So in the picture from left to right is Lauren (Alex's girlfriend), Alex, me, Brady, Andy, and Chris. To make you realize how long we go without seeing each other, Chris had never met Lauren before and she's been with Alex almost two years now.

2011 (Disney World and Virginia Beach)

2010 (Brady's 1st Christmas)

2009 (The year we got married)

2008 (Our 1st Christmas card we sent out together when we were engaged)

Before I entered the Trap family, I was a member of the Tramp family (go ahead and get your giggles out). Trap is short for Trapuzzano and Tramp is short for Tramposch, which is my maiden name (big name change, I know). My parents sent out a picture card every year, so that's why I do the same. It's nice to see the kids change from year to year and to document any type of trip you went on that year. It's nice because my parents have incorporated Andy, Brady, and now Alex's girlfriend, Lauren, in their yearly cards. My mom has saved a copy of each card we were in since we were born, so she just gave me my stack of cards. My plan is to combine them with the ones I have sent out over the years and make a family Christmas card scrapbook. This is something I will add to year after year and hopefully will be able to pass onto my children and they can see their family line through the years. That will be my main project in Germany since I won't be printing any new pictures while we're there.

1983 (The Tramposchs become a family)

1986 (My 1st Christmas)


1988 (Alex's 1st Christmas)




1992 (Chris's 1st Christmas)

1993 (During this photo shoot my mom accidentally fell down and that led to all of us kids laughing hysterically)

1994 (Virginia Beach)

1995 (San Diego, CA)

1996 (Jones Beach, NY)

1997 (Virginia Beach)

1998 (starting those awkward middle school years)


(My parents couldn't agree on a favorite picture for the card, so they chose a second)

2000 (Disney World)









2009 (Andy joins the family, although he didn't make it into the card)

2010 (Brady's 1st Christmas)

2011 (adding Lauren to the family card; us, Alex, and Lauren at Virginia Beach, Chris in Seattle at the Cal vs. Washington game, and my parents on their Panama Canal cruise)

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