Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Comes Early

Since there are lots of kids who aren't in their own homes on Christmas morning, Santa brings their presents the weekend before Christmas. It is nice because the kids don't have to worry if Santa will find them at a relative's house, etc., and it lightens Santa's load on Christmas Eve, since he's already delivered some presents. That meant, since we head to Pittsburgh for the holidays, Santa came last night and we had to prepare for him to visit our house.

Brady hung his own stocking. I was pretty impressed that he actually got the loop onto the hook.

Hanging the magic key on the door for Santa. He gave it to us last year on Brady's first Christmas. It's magic, so you can leave it on the inside of the door and he can still get in. Even though we have a fireplace, letting Santa come in through the door allows him to carry more presents. I think that's a win/win situation.

Brady helped put out the milk and cookies for Santa, but being the cookie monster that he is, he couldn't resist having one himself. He was acting as quality control.

Climbing into bed so Santa can come.

All tucked in and ready for bed.

Merry Christmas!!! Ready to get out of bed and head for the presents.

First present. Brady chose it from the many under the tree. What could it be?

It's books!!!

Dance Star Mickey. Can you tell he's really excited? It was a big hit.

Testing out his new step stool.

Scribble Me a Song from Aunt Dunny.

A to Z alphabet zoo.

Another book

Foam alphabet for the bath.

Probably his favorite gift. A $3 plastic drum. Go figure.

A bead maze.

Pictured above, as Andy would say, is Brady's "loot." I had wrapped a few gifts each night, so when Andy went into the spare bedroom to get them all to put under the tree, he kept saying, "OMG there's more?!?" I start buying a few things in September and spread out my purchases, and usually I get a great deal. By December, things start to add up and I don't realize how much I've bought. I told Andy, he'll get half as much when he gets a sibling, so he should be able to enjoy being an only child.

Andy and I decided our present to each other was the Mickey Christmas Party in Disney, so we decided only to get each other a small "stocking stuffer." Neither of the things we got for each other fit in our stockings, but the sentiment was the same. I got Andy boxers like I do every year (he never buys clothes for himself), and he got me a Pitt snuggie. It was a good gift because I'm always cold and wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. All three stockings were "stuffed" with candy. YAY!!


  1. I love your description about Santa coming early! That is a fabulous way to describe it.

  2. So fun! Brady looks like a happy boy! Love the snuggle, I have an IU one and love it! Are you going to take all that to Germany? Impressed. We opted for small gifts this Christmas. Ains is getting doll and Barbie clothes cause they are light to pack;). SAMs getting a new cars eat, pretty exciting don't you think but we have to get one early for Germany?anyway you look fabulous!