Thursday, November 10, 2011


Brady has no shortage of stuffed animals, but it's always nice when he gets another one. He has a Build-A-Bear that my mom got
for him over a year ago, who is Charlie Bear and always wears some Steelers gear. My mom emailed me a reward from her loyalty card and we decided it was time for Brady to stuff his first Build-A-Bear. When we got there, there were a lot of choices and I started to think about what he already has at home. He has a million puppies, monkeys, and a few bunnies. I narrowed it down to the penguin from Happy Feet 2 and Snoopy (yes, I realize he's a puppy). I decided on Snoopy because my mom had recently bought Brady a stuffed penguin when we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Brady was very interesting in how the machine worked and the woman working there was trying to coax him into letting her have Snoopy.

Time for stuffing! He actually had his foot on the petal powering the machine the whole time! He's getting so big!

Getting ready to put a heart inside.

Pushing the heart deep inside Snoopy.

The "hug test." Don't worry. He passed ;)

Time for a bath Snoopy

A very satisfied customer ;)

While we were at the mall, we even had a Santa sighting. We had seen the decorations up a few weeks ago, but heard that Santa made his grand debut the day after Halloween. I think it's a bit too early and there was no one in line. Maybe they'll learn, but I doubt it.

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