Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brady's 1st Time Trick or Treating

Last night was Halloween and this was the first year that Brady was old enough to go out trick-or-treating. Publix (a southern chain of grocery stores) had indoor trick-or-treat starting at 4PM, so we headed there first. It just so happened that I also need groceries. I loaded Brady up in his favorite car shopping cart and we walked around the store collecting candy from employees who were stationed throughout. He was more content to play with the candy that he was collecting than to actually hold out his basket to the people who had candy.

I had asked some other moms earlier in the day what time trick-or-treat starts and they told me it was pretty free form and that people with kids went out before it got dark and older kids went out later. Where I grew up it was a certain time and the police patrolled to make sure kids didn't stay out past that time. They also never allowed trick-or-treat to happen on a Friday or Saturday night so the kids would have to be in to go to school the next morning. Andy came home a little after 5PM and we decided we would wait until someone showed up at our door before he took Brady out. Around 6:30PM we had our first visitor and Andy loaded Brady up in his stroller to hit up the houses on our one street housing development.

Andy told me when they got home that Brady picked up on the concept really quickly. Andy would roll him up to a door, Brady would point at the doorbell so that Andy could ring it, then he would sit waiting for someone to open the door. He then would hold out his candy basket. We had a couple of family members say that Brady's costume made him look like a girl and Andy reported that several people would ask if SHE wanted more candy. I guess there is very little distinction between Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann. Andy also mentioned that several people had dogs and that made Brady's night. There is a picture above of him with someone's dog.

Getting ready to go out. Daddy decided to be original and throw on a football jersey.

Look! An airplane!

When Brady came in, all he wanted to do was go back out. He tried pushing around his stroller and heading for the door.

When he realized that no one was going to take him back out, he took his basket and started to hoard his candy. It took us a minute to realize what he was doing. Step by step plays out below.

Grabbing the candy from his basket.

In transit.

Candy in the car. Between every trip, he would slam the seat down so no one would see his candy.

His stash, hidden safely in his car.

His loot

My parents have had a glazed ceramic pumpkin since before I was born and I've always wanted something like it. A while back, I was getting some soap at Bath & Body Works and they had this glazed pumpkin. It was meant for use with candles, but it worked out perfectly for candy. It's not as large as the one my parents have, but I like it. We a a total of 6 kids come to our door and when Andy talked to some of the neighbors, they said that was a new record. They said that there are starting to be more people with kids moving in. Since we had only a few kids come, we had a TON of extra candy. Andy had the great idea to bag it all up and take it down to the Calvary Home. The Calvary Home for Children is located about 1/4 mile from our house and is a place where they take care of and house children who have been neglected, abused, or orphaned. We filled up a 2 1/2 gallon ziploc bag of our leftover candy to take to them.

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