Monday, November 14, 2011

Cousins - Brady & Adalyn

Andy, Brady, and I do not have a wealth of first cousins. I have three, Andy has two, and Brady has none. On the other hand, we do have a lot of extended cousins.

On my side, things are a little skewed on both ends. I am the fifth oldest of the Lira great-grandchildren (my maternal grandmother's side), but the age range is from the oldest being in his mid-30s and the youngest is only 2 and was born only 6 months before Brady. Brady is the first in the next generation. On my Tramposch side (dad's family), things are even more crazy. My grandpa was the youngest child, so he was closer in age to his nieces and nephews. This trickled down the line, and today the age ranges in the same generation are huge. Granted, we don't have contact with everyone in the family, since some of them are still in Europe, but my dad has first cousins in their 80s. In my generation, the oldest is in his early-60s (older than my dad) and my brother is the youngest at 19. Brady is currently the youngest in his generation, but the oldest is 40. To make things even crazier, there is a generation younger than Brady with a 6 year old and another baby due in March. Those kids will be in the same generation as Brady's kids, which is crazy to think about.

The cousins on Andy's side are all reasonably close together in age. So it was really nice for him growing up with his Trapuzzano cousins all around the same age and having Sunday dinners each week with his Trapuzzano great-grandmother and the rest of the family. In Brady's generation, they are the great-great granchildren of the Trapuzzanos who came over from Italy and started Washington Tailors in Washington, PA. The oldest just turned 12, but what's really cool is that there were four babies born within one calendar year. The first was Cooper (August 2009), then Ysabella (early-February 2010), then Brady (February 19, 2010), and finally Adalyn (August 2010). It's nice that they are all so close in age, but unfortunately they are scattered across four different states.

This past weekend, Brady and Adalyn got to meet for the very first time! We drove to Delaware so that Abby (Andy's cousin and Adalyn's mom) could watch Brady for us while we attended a wedding in Philadelphia. They were nice enough to also allow us to stay in their home and it was a great chance for the kids to meet. They had a blast hanging out over the weekend! Brady was excited to play with her toys and Adalyn was excited to have someone to play with. They're both only children and only 6 months apart in age, so it was really fun to watch. Everyone has plans to be home in Pittsburgh for the holidays, so we are hoping to get the kids together again next month!

This was their version of playing house. It was funny because Brady would turn on thing up high that Adalyn couldn't reach and she would just look at it and wonder how to turn it off.

Playing outside riding cars.

Playing in the leaves. A fun treat since the leaves have yet to fall here.

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