Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Portraits 2011

Tonight we took Brady to have his Christmas portraits done. We had initially intended to go last Thursday, but Brady had a small accident involving the corner of a windowsill and his eye over a week ago, that led to us cancelling and rescheduling for tonight. There's still a small amount of bruising, but I know where to look, I used a small amount of concealer on it, and it's not too noticeable in these portraits. Phew!!!

This is my absolute favorite!!! He's such a character when the cameras come out!

This is last year's formal shot.

Now it's time for a more fun outfit!!

It's been a tradition of mine to buy the Christmas Winnie the Poohs that the Disney store has put out since 2003. I have at least one from each year and last year we started the tradition of Brady getting his informal shots done with that year's Christmas Pooh.

Story time for Brady and Pooh

Last year's informal shot with Pooh

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