Tuesday, September 2, 2014

18 Months Old - Izzie B

Izzie is officially 18 months old and before we know it, we'll be celebrating her second birthday!  Our baby is getting so big!  The last time I did an update was when she turned 12 months old and most of the following months were covered with Easter and California posts, so I'll pick up where those left off.

She loves to play and anything Brady has or does, she has to do too!

Having some fun at Kids Safety Day. 

She's very active and always full of shenanigans. 

With the red hair comes a big attitude and fiery temper. 

She's already had several time outs.

She's full of smiles when she's not having a fit. 

She definitely has her own sense of fashion and is hardly ever without a purse around the house. 

Her hair has grown a lot! We are constantly playing with ways to keep her bangs out of her eyes. 

She's a good sleeper, but is always resistant to going down for a nap. 

A fun trip to the Trolley Museum with Daddy and Pap while visiting Pittsburgh. 

Completely passed out during the kids' first trip to Sarris. 

Picking tomatoes grown in Buks's backyard. 

Tomato lover. 

She loves corn, too.  When we eat dinner, if we put out the veggies on the table, she won't eat anything else. 

Hanging with Pap. 

With Pap and LaLa. 

Posing to herself in the mirror. 

She loves any kind of ride. 

She's our big eater.  She always eats double what Brady eats.  Donuts are a favorite. 

Sometimes the food is as big as she is!

She loves to help with the laundry. 

 She loves bubbles at her music class.

Since she was 12 months old, she's gone from 29 inches tall (50th percentile) to 32 inches (60th percentile) at 18 months old.  She's slowed down a lot for weight.  She was 20lbs (35th percentile) at 12 months and is now 22lbs 8oz (30th percentile) at 18 months.  She has been in size 3 diapers for almost a full year now and can still wear many of her 12-18 month clothes.  She's gotten six new teeth, with all four molars and the two bookending her bottom two teeth.

She's beginning to talk a lot more.  Here's a list of the words she can say off the top of my head :

No (probably the one we hear the most)
Thank you

She can shake her head for no and nod for yes.  She understands everything we tell her and she follows directions very well.  She feeds herself completely, getting the hang of the fork and spoon.  I'd say her favorite foods are fruits and veggies and she usually can't get enough.  She knows when it's time to leave she needs to get her coat and shoes.  She HATES getting buckled into the car.  Her favorite TV characters are Sophia the First and Daniel Tiger.  When it comes to movies, she'll only sit through Frozen or The Little Mermaid for the whole movie.  She's a very affectionate little girl and will shower you with kisses and hugs.  We couldn't have asked for a better daughter and can't wait to see how much more she'll grow and change before she turns two!

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