Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring is Here . . . Maybe

I didn't think we (or more specifically I) would survive this winter.  By the end of March, we finally had all the snow off the ground after a record-breaking 77 consecutive days with the ground covered by at least an inch of snow.  The reactions from the Pittsburgh people who came up for Izzie's party mid-March let us know how truly bad it was (not that we needed them to tell us).  They'd completely thawed and we still had several feet and a solid sheet of ice on our residential streets.  It was hardly ever above freezing which meant the kids couldn't even take advantage of the constant snow outside.  By April, we had reached 91.7 inches of total snowfall for the winter, just shy of the all-time record for one winter set in 1880-1881 of 93.6 inches.  Note that the average for the Detroit area per year is 42.5 inches (and we had double that and more).   We were more than excited when the temps made it into the high 30s and 40s.  It felt like a heat wave not to be numb every time we went outside and we wore sweatshirts because it felt so warm by comparison.

Brady had been begging to take out his Escalade all winter and we kept telling him that it didn't have snow tires.  Once all the snow was gone, he asked every day until we finally gave in.  Izzie went for her first shotgun ride and Brady rode on the sidewalk down the street instead of being confined to the backyard like last year.

Summer clothes are an obsession of mine, for both myself and the kids.  I was tired of seeing them in the same dreary colored clothes over and over and itching to get them into their bright summer clothes that I'd bought more than a year ago on clearance.  The first day it made it over 60, I broke them out!  I have so many for Izzie that I feel compelled to take pics of them all because she may only wear them a few times.

It made it into the 70s by the second week in April and out came the tank tops and shorts.

Warm weather brings out the curls for my kids and Izzie's was one long curl the one day.

Izzie had gotten her Cozy Coupe from us for her birthday and we finally put it together.  She was excited to have a car all to herself and it was hard to keep Brady out of it.

Out for an evening walk around the neighborhood.

We realized quickly that Brady has gotten too tall for his balance bike, so we went back and switched to his roller blades.

The next day was even more gorgeous and Izzie got to wear her tennis dress courtesy of her Uncle Chris Trap.

Within two days, we went from almost 80 to back below freezing and snow!  And guess, what?  The 3.1 inches that fell broke the all-time record, bringing us to a total of 94.6 inches of snowfall this winter.  Next year better break the record for the least amount of snowfall to make up for it!

The temps went up again over Easter weekend, once again reaching the upper 70s, but again, the bi-polar weather continues and we were back in the 40s and low 50s.  The average high this time of year is 65 degrees and we will be lucky if we get two days out of the next ten that get even close to that.  The weather service is saying June-August is also supposed to be below the average temps for most of the mid-west and the entire East Coast.  California can't come soon enough, some of their highs in Anaheim this week have been in the 90s.  Bring it on!!!

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