Friday, December 6, 2013

Visit with Santa 2013 - Izzie B's First Time!

We made it to see Santa!  We went to the same mall where I took Brady as a baby and also last year.  You get an appointment time when you arrive and then you come back when it's your turn.  Waiting in line for hours is just ridiculous once you've done it this way.  The first year, we had an hour between registration and seeing Santa.  Last year, we went as soon as the mall opened and had no wait.  This year, I was a little late out of the door, so we got there at 10:30AM (the mall opens at 10AM).  There was a line at registration that took us a half an hour to get through.  By the time we got to the desk, the next available time was 2:15PM!!!  The drive to this mall from our house is 45 minutes one way so there was no way I was going to do it another time.  We found out later that while the shops open at 10AM, Santa starts at 8AM.  The woman working there said there were people in line at 7AM!  It also didn't help that it was a Friday.

I had brought nothing for Izzie to eat and had errands I had planned to run when we were done, so I was a little freaked out at a 3+ hour wait.  I called Andy at work and found out he had some time to meet us for lunch.  Brady almost had a meltdown as I was trying to leave as he wanted to see Santa.  The drive to where he works took 30 min and of course, Brady fell asleep.  We had lunch, I ran my errands, and we headed back.  Of course, I figured I had so much time to kill and almost didn't make it in time, figuring in changing Izzie into her dress once we got there.  We then waited 30 min in the small waiting area to see Santa.  I didn't get out of there until 4PM and hit rush hour the whole way home.  Needless to say, I will be going before Thanksgiving next year and not on a Friday.  We did get some great pictures though.

Brady and Santa solo.

Together on Santa. 

Telling him what they want for Christmas. 

Izzie solo.

Brady and Izzie's first times on Santa.

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