Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trip to NYC 2013

Almost every year between Christmas and New Years, we head to New York to visit my Oma.  Sometimes we have the time and opportunity to go into the city (she lives in Queens) and this was the first time we've had the chance since the kids have been with us.  I was beyond excited to share my love of NYC with my kids for their first trip into Manhattan. 

We drove in the day after Christmas, and had a family dinner, getting to spend some time with my 93 year old Oma.  She'd only ever seen pictures of Izzie, so she was beyond thrilled to meet her in person.  My dad is an only child, so my kids are the only great-grandchildren she has.

Oma lives about 11 blocks from the end of one of the many subway lines, so we got up and walked (both my brothers came with us) to the subway.  Because of all the stops, it took us about 40 minutes to reach our destination, which was . .

Rockefeller Plaza!  I thought it would be so fun for my kids to see the big tree.

Family photo op.  My brother was not at all pleased to be taking pics like a tourist.  He stayed behind when we all went home and went to Times Square for New Years Eve with some friends.

We walked down to Times Square.

A stop for lunch at Bubba Gump's in Times Square.

We made a stop at the Toys R Us in Times Square where the kids met Geoffrey!

A few stores down was the Disney Store and that's where Izzie passed out.  She remained asleep the entire rest of our time in Manhattan until we were ready to take a subway back home.  After Times Square, we walked down to Herald Square to Macy's.  My parents have gone to the Thanksgiving Parade (and left us kids at home) so that's something I'd like to do when the kids are older.

We hopped on a subway and went all the way downtown to the World Trade Center to check out the almost completed Freedom Tower.  It looks beautiful!  We wanted to see the memorial fountains, but with so much construction still underway and sunset quickly approaching, we decided that could wait for another time.

When we got back to Queens, I showed Izzie one of the two souvenirs I bought her at the Disney Store.  I had to get this Statue of Liberty Minnie because you can't get that anywhere else.  I also grabbed her an Ariel bodysuit.  We are getting excited for our trip to Disneyland in just over four months!

The day after our trip into Manhattan, the weather was mild and almost 50 degrees, so we walked the four blocks to the park my brothers and I grew up going to every summer when we came to visit.  The kids were glad to get out of the house and Izzie was laughing so hard on the swings.

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