Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Comes to Michigan 2013

We've never been in our own home on Christmas day since Brady was born, so Santa comes early to our house, knowing we'll be away.  I'm sure it will be like this until the kids are grown and start coming with their families to our house for the holidays.  I joke with Andy that while Brady may end up with his wife's family, but at least we know Izzie will be with us.  It seems like a default that people tend to spend the majority of the holidays with the woman's side of the family.

Brady was very upset leaving cookies for Santa because he wanted some.  He hoped that Santa wouldn't eat them all and was kinda bummed when we wouldn't let him eat what was left of the half eaten cookie left behind.

Going to look at presents!  Santa uses his own special paper so the kids know which gifts are theirs.

Izzie was watching Brady open presents instead of opening her own.  Next year will be madness for sure once she figures things out.

Finally getting a few tears in.

Last April, Brady threw a fit in the Stride Rite when he saw this toy and I wouldn't buy it for him.  Santa must've known he really wanted it.

Brady opened most of his presents before we got into Izzie's so he could help.

Izzie loves playing with Brady's Scout, so now she has Violet who will say her name instead of Brady's.

Andy catching a few videos of Izzie standing alone.  She started walking all the way across the room this day!

The cutest toy piggy bank!  I'd never seen this before and had to get it for Izzie.  It was so hard finding things for her this year because we had so many of the basic baby toys leftover from Brady.

Brady is Minion obsessed!  He was so excited when he opened this.

He got both Despicable Me movies on Blu-ray.  We've watched them every day since.

The hot toy for girls this year.  The Fisher Price Klip Klop Castle.

The biggest hit of the day was the present sent by Aunt Dunny.  Izzie didn't care much for the first few gifts she opened, but this one kept her attention.  She didn't care about any presents that came after it either.

Brady's gift from Aunt Dunny was a LeapReader.  We are very excited to use it!

A snow shovel!  Brady always wanted to go out with Andy and shovel last year and now he can.

A Switch N Go Dino.  This is one of the items Brady specifically asked Santa for.  He even narrowed down which particular dino he wanted.

A cool Cars suitcase for when we go to California in May and go to Cars Land!

Once we broke open the magical mirror toy for Izzie, all she wanted to do was put on the lipstick.  What a girly girl.

The big finale.

The hot baby toy from last year that I got on clearance for more than half of this summer.  It's gigantic!  Brady loves playing with it too.

Izzie thought some of Brady's toys were pretty cool too.

I love this picture of her.  It's one of the few where I can see the similarity between her and Brady as babies.

We had gone to see Frozen after Thanksgiving and I was thrilled to see a new redheaded princess for Izzie to admire.  Brady got Izzie this Anna doll for Christmas.

I love that little stinker's face!

She's such a ham and in this pic you can really see her two tiny teeth!

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