Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Month Portraits - Izzie B

Now that Izzie is three months old, it was time to take her for portraits again.  I live for pictures, so I almost count down the time until the next set of portraits.  I also pick out clothing for them way ahead of time.  I've already got the outfits for Izzie's next five sets of portraits (through next summer).  It's so hard to narrow it down to two outfits for each session since she looks great in so many colors and has so many adorable outfits.

She kept pulling her dress up.  We'll have to keep an eye on that during the teenage years ;)

This one was to match the set of 3/6/9 portraits that we have for Brady.

Outfit change!

She started to get fussy at this point and it was hard to get her to stop crying long enough to snap pictures.

Brady got in on the act at the end.  He also had his summer portraits taken at the same time.

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