Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Phipps Conservatory - Gardens of Glass

Pittsburgh is one of the top 10 cities to raise children, and growing up there myself, it's no secret why.  On any given day, rain or shine, there are so many things to see and do with kids, it could make your head spin.  Since Brady only gets there once in a while (especially when we have a day with nothing planned in advance), we try to make the most of those amazing activities.  This time, we chose to go to Phipps Conservatory in Oakland (one of my most favorite places, but maybe I'm biased because I was born there and lived there for six years of my adult life).  Brady hasn't been there since he was 18 months old and the exhibits are always changing.  Six years ago they had an amazing exhibit called Gardens of Glass and there were Dale Chihuly blow glass pieces everywhere.  It was jaw droppingly beautiful and we still talk about it.  This time, in addition to the few Chihuly items the conservatory had purchased before the exhibit moved on, there were glass pieces from local artists.

An authentic Chihuly.

There was a room filled with spinning mosaic pieces and each one represented a part of the city.

The view from the UPMC building downtown.

The Aviary.

The Cathedral of Learning.

The Nationality Rooms.

The Holocaust Center.

Brady was doing the scavenger hunt with Nana. I think his favorite part was the butterfly room.

My parents have a very nice camera which we were using, so I snapped a few of Izzie.

Another Chihuly.

This was so cool.  It was a woolly mammoth skeleton in blown glass.

From the side.

More Chihuly.

Running through the mister.  It was a 90 degree day inside a greenhouse, try to imagine.

A few more Chihuly.

And another.

More Chihuly.  Just try to imagine how much these things weigh.

The Desert Room.

This room was simply stunning.  The purple, pink, and yellow flowers are blown glass and you can see blown glass birds as well.

Definitely the largest Chihuly they held onto.

Brady with the Cathedral of Learning in the background.  You could see it from both our apartment and also the hospital where Brady and I were born.  I'll never tire of that sight.

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