Friday, June 28, 2013

Fourth of July Portraits

I was kinda bummed out seeing all the cute Fourth of July outfits in stores because Izzie couldn't wear most of them.  They were primarily red and it clashes with her hair.  I happened across one that was more blue than red, especially near the top, so I snagged it.  Brady was given a nice set by my Mimi and the two together were so cute.  We only had Izzie's 3 month portraits taken a few weeks ago, but I couldn't resist getting their pictures taken again.  

It was quite the event.  I decided to take the kids in the middle of the day by myself since they wouldn't have an outfit change.  We got there on time and I woke Izzie up to dress her.  It was mass chaos there and it took about 20 min for someone to even ask if I had an appointment.  It was another 15 min before we got back to take the portraits.  I then had to wait 30 min to even pick out what I wanted.  Brady was going crazy, Izzie was getting tired, and I really had to pee lol.  They gave me three free portrait sheets for the wait, but I don't think I will go in the middle of the day by myself again.  On the upside, both kids did well and I was kinda disappointed that Izzie didn't do this well in her 3 month portraits. 

I couldn't resist this one for my mantle.

Finally a smile out of Izzie on camera!

Even though it was a crazy wait, they had two ladies working in the room and had some great ideas on how to position the kids together.

I'm not the only photo nut in the family.  My mom was always taking us for portraits as well.  Above are portraits from the Fourth of July in 1991 (left) and 1992 (right).  In 1991, I was 5 and Alex was 3, and in 1992, I was 6, Alex was 4, and Chris was 2 months old.

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