Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Skater Dude Brady

For Brady's 2nd birthday, his Nana got him a set of Fisher Price training roller skates like we had when we were kids.  Nana's all for safety, so she also got him a set of Cars knee and elbow pads, in addition to a helmet.  We never got around to pulling them out last summer, but we've been spending the evenings outdoors in this beautiful weather, that it might be a fun activity one night.  Andy dug them out of the basement and as soon as Brady saw them he got very excited.

All the pads went on first.  He was fine until the knee pads were put on.  He kept asking us to take them off because they were hurting his knees.  Then he started to get impatient with Andy breaking the skates out of the box.

The skates have three stages you can set them one.  The first one is locked wheels so they can "skate walk," the second one allows the wheels to roll only forward, and the third allows the wheels to go forward and backwards like regular skates.  Andy decided the "skate walk" was a waste of time and went right for stage 2.  Andy started rolling Brady around while holding his hand, but it wasn't long before Brady was yelling at him to let go.

There were plenty of wipeouts.  His poor little bum was so bruised later that night.

But he always got right back up.  He's a tough kid. 

 We are all about allowing our kids to try everything out there so they get a taste and then can decide which ones they like the best and want to focus their time on.  We are already planning on getting a different type of skates for his next birthday ;)

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