Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brady Tries Soccer

We are always looking for new activities for Brady to provide him lots of experiences and give him a taste of all things so that one day, he can choose a few that he really enjoys.  There are many things that I wanted to try growing up, but never got to, so it is really important that I provide my kids the opportunity to try everything.  Until now, swimming and gymnastics were the only thing he could do at his age.  Once he turned three, more activities were available to him.  I had been searching around online for things that he could try.  Immediately soccer was an option.  I remember playing soccer from a young age (even though I hated it as I am in no way a runner).  Brady, on the other hand, loves to run, so this seemed like the next logical activity to try.

The one I chose out of a few in the area, had an age range of 3 to 5 years.  So, he's pretty much one of the youngest kids since it started at the end of April.  The first week it got cancelled because we had two straight weeks of rain and the fields were flooded.  The next week wasn't much better on the actual day, but the week had been dry so they didn't cancel.  It was cold and rainy so Andy took him alone.

Because the kids are young, it's more about teaching skills instead of playing a game with others.  Each child has their own ball and they are learning to dribble, cover the ball, etc.  It would seem like this activity, like all the others, takes a while for Brady to not be a wild man and listen to the instructors.  Andy caught a few pics of him away from his ball doing things he wasn't supposed to.  The parents aren't supposed to interfere, so I heard an account of Brady playing in a mud puddle and it taking three instructors to get him away from it and back on track.

Time for a water break.

Totally soaked from both the rain and the mud.

The second week, it was in the mid-60s, so Izzie and I decided to go along and watch.  There were way more kids there that week because I guess a lot of the parents kept their kids home on the rainy day.  I had brought my camera, but of course the batteries were dead.  Brady wasn't such a great listener on this day either.  He was constantly picking grass and putting it on his ball, jumping on instructors, and running away.  I'm not going to lie, it was a bit embarrassing.  Although we were outside for only 45 minutes, all of us (except Brady) came home with a bit of sunburn.

We seem to have bipolar weather here in Michigan (which we hear is pretty much the norm).  Only a week after we came home sunburned, it was 39 degrees outside.  Brady is layered from head to toe and according to Andy was still cold (Izzie and I stayed home).

Yep, that's my kid throwing his ball instead of kicking it like the other kids.

Another week, and yet another climate change.  This past Sunday it was in the mid-80s, so this time we all made sure to wear sunscreen.

Brady would go back and forth following each of the instructors.

Izzie is always just along for the ride.  We drag her just about everywhere with us.

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