Saturday, May 18, 2013

Andy Hits the Big 30!

The second week in May is what we call Trapuzzano celebration week.  Our anniversary is May 9, Andy's birthday is May 12, and Mother's Day falls anywhere between May 8 and May 14.  It can last anywhere from 4-6 days depending on when Mother's Day falls.  There are years when we double up.  Our first anniversary fell on my first Mother's Day and this year Andy's birthday fell on Mother's Day.  This year was made more special by the fact that it was not only Izzie's first Mother's Day, but Andy's 30th birthday.  He also happened to be born on Mother's Day, so it's kinda cool that one of his milestone birthdays fell on it again.

We started off this year with our anniversary and it's tradition for us to watch our wedding video.  Both guys were munching on popcorn and Brady was so cute pointing out all the people he knew.

Sunday the 11th, we had two birthday parties to attend.  The first was for Brady's friend, Ainsley, who turned 5.  it was a cowgirl themed party and all the kids got cowboy hats, handkerchiefs, and sherrif's badges with their names on them.

Another cool thing they did was take the kids' pictures and put them on wanted signs that they got to take home.  This is definitely going in the scrapbook.

A friend of the Reeses was taking pictures because they were busy with the party and she snapped this candid of Izzie.

The second party was in the afternoon for the twins, Emma and Ella, who live a few doors down from our house.  They were turning 3 that day.  They had a Jake & the Neverland Pirates themed party.  Brady is seen above searching for gold doubloons.  

They had amazing pirate-themed bouncy house that Brady LOVED.

Mother's Day (and Andy's birthday) morning, we woke up and Andy decided he didn't want to do our usual pancake breakfast at home.  He suggested going out to eat.  We tried out one of the many Coney Island's (don't let the name fool you, they're more known for their breakfasts than their hotdogs).  It was really good and a great value (all three of us got meals and the check was only $20).

This was my fourth Mother's Day since I became a mom.  I was only 23 when I became a mom, but I have loved every single minute of it.  I think of my kids before myself and would rather spend money on them before myself.  I've had several people ask me if we're done now that I have a boy and a girl.  My answer remains the same now as when I was pregnant with Izzie - no we're not done.  We have an ideal number of children in our minds (nothing crazy, you'd be able to count them on one hand) and will continue towards that goal as long as we can afford it.  We love children and they bring us so much joy every single day.

We've gotten to the point in our lives that there isn't much we really want, but thing that we really need.  Last year, we were in Europe and decided to forgo gifts because we traveled so much.  This year, we have a new house and need so many things that we didn't before when we were just renting smaller places.  We decided to combine our gifts this year.  For our anniversary and Mother's Day, I got the patio set pictured above.  We've eaten out there several times already since purchasing on actual Mother's Day.

Andy's birthday and anniversary gift was his new grill.  Until now, he'd only had his small one that we used when tailgating.  We've already had chicken, turkey burgers, and steak on it since acquiring it two weeks ago.  This is where we have it now on our deck, but it was in a different spot when Andy used it the first time.  We now know why you don't put a grill against the house.  He melted a portion of the siding.  I guess you live and you learn, right?

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  1. What fun memories! Mike is totally jealous of the grill. We can't wait to have a home again! :-)

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, and Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad you aren't done having kids yet - you are such good parents and your kids are so blessed to have you.