Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun with Hats

While pregnant with Izzie B, somewhere along the way I fell completely in love with all things owl.  If I saw something owl, I just had to have it.  One of the things I got for her before she was born was a crocheted owl hat.  I got the smallest size, figuring she'd wear it in the early months while it was still cold.  We've been dressing and changing her downstairs since she sleeps in our room and we kept using the same newborn hat when we went out, so the owl hat got forgotten in a bin in her room.  I was in there to get something and suddenly remembered it.  It's still plenty cool enough for her to wear hats outside, so it certainly wasn't a waste to remember it so late.  I decided to take some pics of her wearing it inside the house because it's just too darn cute not to remember her wearing.

I love propping her up for pictures in Brady's arm chair.

While pregnant, I was involved in a secret mommy gift exchange with other moms due in March.  It worked like a secret Santa exchange, except that you mailed a gift each month until the end of the pregnancy.  The sock monkey hat she's wearing is one of the many amazing gifts my mommy sent to me.  You can tell she's not so happy about being posed and photographed.  This hat is a bit bigger and looks like it will still fit in the fall when the weather gets cold yet again.

The next day, she was calmer, so I tried putting the sock monkey hat on again.  She was much more cooperative.  You can really tell how big the hat is in this picture.

In between hats.  I love how pensive she looks.

Back in the owl hat :)

She was being so pleasant that I decided to take a few pictures of her minus the hats.  She's starting to smile more, and I was trying to catch it on camera with no success.  I'll keep trying though.

There are so many times where I look at her and almost see Brady at the same age.  Most of the time I see it when she's on my shoulder and I'm trying to get her to burp.  These few pictures I took were the closest I've been able to catch on camera.  Izzie is exactly five weeks old above, whereas Brady was around seven weeks old.

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