Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Go On an Easter Egg Hunt

This past weekend was Easter weekend and we had a ton of activities we wanted to do with Brady, especially since both of my parents were in town.  I had read that there was an Easter egg hunt at the community center and we made plans to take Brady.  We all piled in the car and when we got there, sent Andy in to ask where it was.  Either, I'd read the site wrong or it was listed wrong, because the hunt was the Saturday before.  Brady had been talking about it for days and was clutching his bucket close the whole time.  We had bought plastic eggs and candy to do one at home anyway, so we just told Brady we'd do it at home.

When we got home, Andy took Brady to the basement playroom while my mom and I filled the plastic eggs with jelly beans and chocolate eggs.  My dad and I went outside to hide them in the backyard since the weather was in the mid-50s.  We had fun hiding some hard and some easy.  

There were several hidden on his new playset.  You can see the pink one hidden in a little hole.

He found about 6 or 7 all on his own (and none of them being the easy ones).  It became apparent that he wasn't going to find the rest without some help.  We started playing a little game called, Look by Dubby.  My dad would stand near an egg and then Brady would look there.

 The plastic eggs I bought weren't the sturdiest, so when he dropped one into his bucket, it opened and the jelly beans went to the bottom of the bucket.  He wouldn't go on until he'd picked up all the jelly beans and put them back into the egg.

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