Thursday, April 4, 2013

Izzie B's First Easter!

Last weekend was Easter and it was Izzie's first real holiday.  She was exactly 4 weeks and 1 day old.  Brady was also quite young on his first Easter at 6 weeks and 2 days.  Although the post is titled, Izzie B's First Easter, Brady was certainly there too, and he had much more fun with the activities we did that weekend.  My dad drove in on Friday morning to spend the holiday weekend with us, but also to take my mom home after a full month of her helping out with the two kids.  It was very bittersweet.

Pat and Chaleece has brought Easter buckets with goodies for both kids when they'd visited the weekend before, so here is Izzie with her First Easter lamb. Easter weekend was like fashion weekend as she had so many Easter outfits and only a few days to wear them (but in reality, she'll end up wearing them again because no one cares what they wear inside the house).

Brady had caught a cold which put a damper on things.  He started getting sick that Thursday and was very miserable.  I had planned on making these Rice Krispie birds nests with him, but we didn't want him to get everyone else sick by touching their food, so I did them myself.

Saturday morning brought the Easter egg hunt and egg dying.  I HATE the smell of hard boiled eggs and normally we are at my mom's house for the holiday and I can escape after a few days.  I only bought one dozen to boil so that between my parents and Andy they would hopefully be gone by the end of the weekend.  I don't think they all got eaten and I'm pretty sure Andy forgot about the rest of them (I'm not complaining).

 Proudly looking at all the pretty colors.  Because I only bought one dozen and there was one dozen colors in the package, we didn't do anything fancy.  Next year, we'll be back at my mom's so there'll be more eggs to play around with.

 Like I had said, it was fashion weekend for Izzie.  These are the super cute Easter pj's that were one of the many amazing gifts from Andy's coworkers.

They had bunnies on the feet . . .

. . . and on the bum! We love what we call "bum bum" pants that Carters sells and these were bum bum jammies!

Like both Izzie and Brady, my birthday falls near Easter most years.  Many times growing up, my mom would make a bunny cake as my birthday cake.  We decided to make one for Brady this year (not that he ate any).  We even made it a carrot cake ;)

 That night it was time for the kids to put out their Easter baskets.  Brady had a small basket from when he was a baby, but this year I decided to get the kids matching personalized baskets.  He helped carry Izzie's to the door.

Izzie is so small and the basket is so large that she fit inside.

I love that cheesy smile.

Hanging the bunny key on the door so the Easter Bunny can get into the house.  He brought it on Brady's very first Easter.

Easter morning, coming down the stairs.

Brady has plenty of toys inside of our house, so the bunny brought him a water table to play with outdoors when the weather gets warmer.

Brady was instantly drawn to the candy in his basket.

He went through all the items in his basket pretty quickly.  Along with the candy, there were bath crayons, a Charlotte's Web DVD, a dinosaur, Jake & the Neverland Pirates undies, a stuffed Thumper, and a Bambi book (some items were from my mom).  The Easter Bunny realized on Tuesday that he'd forgotten a few Easter books so that was an added bonus.

He was a big helper and showed Izzie all of the thing that the bunny (and Nana) had brought her.  She got a chicken that lays Easter eggs, a First Easter bib, a book, and several toys that will attach to her car carrier or stand alone.

Time for another outfit change (onesie courtesy of Pat and Chaleece).  She was not at all happy to pose with her basket for pictures.

Wearing their bunny ears from Uncle Pat and Aunt Leecie.

Wearing her first Easter bib.

This is a fun one.  I saw a picture of a baby on Pinterest in a bathtub filled with plastic eggs.  Her rock and play is pastel colored already, so we decided to put her in there with plastic eggs.  I thought it was pretty cute.

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  1. Cute! I love the last one with the eggs - definitely a good one.