Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pictures with the Easter Bunny 2013

 Every year (except last year in Europe), we've taken Brady to see the Easter bunny.  This year is the first time he's been able to grasp the concept and has been talking about all the treats the bunny is going to bring to put in his basket.  Initially, he was still thinking along the lines of Santa and talking about big items like cars, trains, helicopters, etc.  It took a while of talking and looking at Easter storybooks to figure out that the Easter bunny brings treats and smaller gifts.

We'd been talking about going to see the bunny for a while, so when today arrived, he was more than ready.  I was throwing dinner in the crock pot and he was at my heels, telling me he needed a bath before seeing the bunny.  We got to the mall where I changed Izzie into her dress.  The whole time, Brady kept going, "Izzie's a princess!" He's so sweet to her.  It was also my first time taking out the new double stroller I got for Christmas.  Brady was excited to sit on the stoop in the back, but only because the straps weren't adjusted for him in the sit down seat.  It'll be fixed before we take it out again.

There was absolutely no line to see the bunny which is always good when you're dealing with kids.  Brady was ecstatic and ran right up to him, talking about chocolate eggs.  Izzie was getting hungry, so she wasn't as pleased, but we managed to get a good picture anyway (at the top of the post).

Some people may think it's silly to take a three week old to see the Easter bunny, but we took Brady at five weeks (above), so we couldn't do it with him and not with her.

We met our friends the Reeses while we were at the mall and Brady was so excited to see Sam and Ainsley.  He hadn't seen them since the day before Izzie was born and like me, was starting to go a little stir crazy being in the house so much.  We all grabbed lunch (my mom was there too) while I fed Izzie.  We decided to let the kids run off some steam at the play area and hung out for a while chatting and Bethany got to hold Izzie.  They left and I had promised Brady a cookie if he was a good boy, so I ran and got some for all of us.  We then walked back through the mall and did a bit of light shopping (I managed to snag two full outfits for Izzie for only 99 cents apiece).  It was great to get out of the house for an extended period of time and the time flew by!  I will definitely be hitting the mall more often when my mom leaves as it entertains Brady.

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  1. Cute! I LOVE the mall. We would hang out there at least once a day every week and the kids loved it. I hated it as a teenager and never understood the concept of "hanging out at the mall" but now I do it all the time as a mom! :-)